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Valencia: Barrio Ruzafa

Valencia: Barrio Ruzafa

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Today we are diving into another area of Valencia, known as Ruzafa (also spelled Russafa in Valencian) to help in your search for the perfect flat. This area may be a district within the neighbourhood of Eixample, but it definitely has a unique soul of its own. We have previously talked about the neighbourhoods Camins al Grau, Eixample, La Saïdia, Benimaclet, and Pla Del Real, so feel free to breeze through any or all of those blogs to check out other neighbourhoods in Valencia, and help you choose the perfect accommodation for you to live in.

Speaking of living, have you considered a shared flat? By living in one of these rooms, you could easily make new friends while learning more about the area and its distinct culture!

Are you ready to hear about Ruzafa? Let’s get talking.

Valencia has many beautiful districts, but one of the hippest areas in the city is definitely the neighbourhood Ruzafa. Within the last decade, Russafa has been totally revitalized and now openly displays its evolving life through the art of its people. This colorful area is filled to the brim with fresh pieces from a multitude of upcoming artists, dotted with extravagant cafes and unique tastes, and populated by wonderful people.

Located in central Valencia, Ruzafa is in a fantastic location for your accommodation, surrounded by the culture of the city. Those who love the arts are drawn to the like-minded people of this area. You can hardly turn the corner without being blown away by some new piece of street art or a beautiful street-side terrace. Let’s get into some of the more specific areas of interest in Russafa.



This area hosts the hulking Plaza de Toros of Valencia, a classic bullring. Right next door, you can find the Museo Taurino de Valencia, a small museum describing the history of bullfighting in the city. When you visit, you can watch films of old bullfights and read about this age-old tradition. Just southeast of Russafa is the Museo Fallero, a museum displaying the ninots saved from burning during Las Fallas over the years.


Free time

Filling your free time in Russafa should be no problem at all. All over the area you can find art galleries to explore and see the changing styles of local artists. Both well-known and up-and-coming artists are displayed in these galleries. We would be surprised if you couldn’t find something that fits your taste. If you don’t wish to go inside, simply saunter the streets and you will see beautifully painted buildings and street art while you walk, enjoying the weather. After you work up an appetite walking, stop by any of many cafes in the area, quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger, then get back on your way. If you have time to spare, you can stop by a place known as Ubik Café, a café/library known for the events it hosts, musical and otherwise. You may want to think about taking your new flatmate to their “Conversation Group”, a Monday night event designed to help attendees improve their Spanish and English while meeting new people.



Russafa has nearly anything you could want. Markets and cafés are abundant. ATMs and banks can be easily reached with a short walk. If you need to move longer distances, look no further than the local bus.


Looking for a room in a new city can be a daunting task, but I hope this talk has helped you come to a decision. If you are still searching, remember to go back and read our past blogs about other areas of the city to find the perfect flat for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us below or send us a message. Don’t forget to check here next week for more information, helpful tips, and fun ideas.


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