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Valencia: barrio L’Eixample

Valencia: barrio L’Eixample

Valencia has a huge amount of pretty areas and the barrio L’Eixample is one of them. Right in the city centre, this is one of the most exclusive areas of the city. A room here? The best way to get the most out of Valencia.

The central areas in Valencia are all strategic points to live. Restaurants, services, good connections, monuments, not too far from the seaside. Therefore, we always suggest our readers and clients to look for a shared flat in good locations, as much central as possible, in order to have close all the services they may need during their stay. In addition to flats in some of the best districts of Valencia, we have decided to write down information about these districts. This is a great help for all those people who want to move to this Spanish city, but they are not familiar with it.

After the general overview and an article dedicated entirely to the barrio Camins al Grau, it is time to talk about another beautiful and central district. L’Eixample is the one that we have chosen for you. Close to the Old Town, it is the most important commercial area of Valencia and it is close to some of the most important points of the city. This barrio has a grid pattern characterized by long straight streets, avenues and squared blocks. There are three main area in this district, Pla de Remei (you may have heard about Colon), Ruzafa (five minutes’ walk from the Old Town) and Gran Via (the most expensive residential area of Valencia).

As this neighbourhood is so exclusive, how can you afford and find a room there? Why should you? helpValencia offers you affordable rooms in shared apartments and will give you the opportunity to live in this amazing area. But let’s have a look at some of the main reasons why you should definitely move to L’ Eixample.


There is not much to say about the services of this district. Being so central, you will find all you may need. Pharmacy, banks, ATM, grocery shops… all these things and much more! Public transports? They works perfectly, too and, being so central and close to the main points of interest of Valencia, you may even don’t need to use the metro. Actually, the service of bike sharing is extremely efficient (we have written an article where we have collected all you need to know about Valenbisi). A room here? Why not…

Museums and city sightseeing…

Do you want to be tourist for a day? In this district, you can do it! As mentioned before, you can admire beautiful historical or modernist buildings, you can have a walk in some of the traditional markets, or you can visit the beautiful Basilica de San Vicente Ferrer. The Bullring may be another interesting thing to visit: it was built in 1841 and it has been the centre of Valencia’s bull fighting. The North Station is impressive, too. With its Neo-Gothic structure and its mosaics and ceramics, this station is the classic building that you never get tired to look at.

Free time

This will not be a problem at all. Being central, there is a high concentration of bars, restaurants, shops, events, activities… No way to get bored! Our suggestion? Walk through L’ Eixample streets, they are simply stunning. And if you are thirsty, have a drink in one of the traditional Spanish markets.


Are you ready to look for your new home away from home in this district? It hasn’t been hard to convince you that this barrio is the right one! helpValencia has chosen this area to host in its shared flats students and young workers from all over the world. As our aim is to offer high quality accommodations and services, we couldn’t ignore this district!

Do you want to discover more about Valencia? Stay tuned and do not miss the next article of helpValencia! See you in one week…