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Valencia for beginners!

Valencia for beginners!

Have you ever been in Valencia? If you’ve have visited this city at least once, you’ll may be familiar with some of its districts. On the other hand, if you are totally unaware and you would like to move in this enchanting Spanish city, you are surely curious to discover some of its neighbourhoods.

Knowing a city is important, especially if you’re planning to spend some months there. Which kind of information should you collect? Everyone knows that Valencia is a coastal town, it is big, you can taste an amazing paella, etc. But this is not enough! Unfortunately you’ll have to investigate a little bit more before deciding the location of your next shared flat

This choice seems to be not vital when you are panicked and you need a room as soon as possible. Do not settle for a cheap room in an unknown neighbourhood just because they are the first ones that answered you. Do some research and read a lot about the several options you may have in a district rather than in another one. Once you know which is your budget and the designated area, you can start to look for your new cosy room.

This is an important choice and you’ll realize it when you’ll start to leave in Valencia (or in any other city). By selecting a good location, you won’t have any problem to hang out with your friend, to go to the university, to do your grocery, etc. And let us give you another suggestion: opt for a shared flat! If you share your apartment with people of your age, you’ll create memories that you will remember forever.

Well, we have provided you enough suggestions for the flat hunting. Now, we should be more concrete and show you all the districts of Valencia, a little summary to make you getting familiar with this amazingly beautiful city. Are you ready?


There are 19 administrative districts in Valencia and each one is divided up into several quarters. It’s impossible to list them all! Let’s have a look at some interesting ones, starting with the beautiful Ciutat Vella district.

Ciutat Vella

As the name of the district may suggest, this is the Old Town and, as it is supposed to be, it entails some of the main monuments of the city. There are museums, cathedrals, amazing buildings, several towers, etc. There are many tourists, of course, but it is located in the exact centre of Valencia and it is the eye candy. Are you already looking for your room in this area, isn’t it?


This district is the commercial and nightlife area of Valencia, so shopping and relax are keywords! Columbus Market, the North Station, Gran Via, Porta de la mar, Ruzafa’s market are only few of the several amazing attractions of this district. If the Ciutat Vella has small streets and it is easy to get lost, Eixample has long straight streets, wide avenues and a genial greed pattern… perfect if you have got no sense of space!


Our third district is more habitable than the other two districts. Its strengths? It is central and it is close to Ciutat Vella and Eixample. If you want to have a walk, you can enjoy a botanical garden or you can simply have a look to the mazing buildings. For sure, you’ll never get bored. If we had to look for a room in a shared flat, we would definitely consider this beautiful residential area.

Cuatre Carreres

Even if this district is a less central than the others, we have to mention it before heading north. Why? Because of one of the main attractions of Valencia. The Ciutat de las Artes y las Ciencias is an architectural complex and it is considered one of the 12 Treasures of Spain. Are you ready to picture the eight breath-taking buildings?

Camins al Grau

As promised, let’s have a look at the North of Valencia. Really close to the trendy Eixample, there is another pretty district: closer to the seaside, residential and, nonetheless, with all the services you may need. Like Extramurs, this is a good choice when it comes to your next room. You can hang out with your friends, have dinner on the beach and go home by bike. Isn’t it great?

El Pla del Real, Benimaclet and La Saïdia

Those are three excellent residential districts. Services, many housing solutions, close to the city centre, not too chaotic. Many students wish to find a pretty shared flat in the Pla del Real district, where the quarter Ciutat Universitària is located. We suggest this neighbourhood, too. It shares its borders with the main city districts, so that you have everything you may desire close to your apartment. What more do you need?

When you are looking for a room, do not underestimate Benimaclet and La Saïdia: many students choose those quite areas to spend their period abroad.


Many information? We hope that they will be helpful when you’ll start looking for a room or a flat. We will never get tired to repeat that this choice is important in order to enjoy the city. By living in a good location, you’ll be able to take part in events, spare time and, why not, a little bit of money.

helpValencia is here to help you and to give you suggestions, so that you’ll remember your experience abroad as the most exciting part of your life. We provide you housing solutions in some of the best areas of the city and we will assist you before, during and after your stay. Be part of our community!

Are you ready for Valencia?