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Valencia: barrio Camins al Grau

Valencia: barrio Camins al Grau

Camins al Grau, one of the central district of Valencia, may be a good place to live. We have prepared for you a description of its strengths in order to help you looking for your new home away from home.

Valencia is a big city and it may be difficult to decide which may be the best place to live. The city centre? The suburbs? This district full of great restaurants? Or maybe the other one?If you are looking for a room or an apartment and you’re not familiar with the districts, the locations and their services, it may be difficult to judge the area properly. In order to help you, we are going to write some articles about Valencia and its districts. We have already provided you a general description of the city… it’s time to deepen the topic.

This time we will talk about the district Camins al Grau. Let’s discover this area together, it will be a great tour! Located in the city centre and close to the seaside, it is apparently one of the best place to live. Many services and good connections, residential and super central… Discover this district with us!

Why should you look for your accommodation in Camins al Grau? We have selected for you some of the strengths of this amazing area in Valencia. The only thing you have to do now is to look for an accommodation. Well, you know that we can help you in this respect, right? Cut the chatter, let’s start our list.


When it comes to the museums, you are spoilt for choice! Which one could we mention first? Difficult choice! Let’s start with some of the most traditional ones. The Museo Faller de València is a good choice to immerse yourself in the traditions of this amazing city. The second original option is the Museo dell’Arròs de València: unconventional, isn’t it? Our last suggestion is the Science Museum with its interactive exhibitions and scientific activities.

Free time

Let’s talk about the seaside! Valencia biggest strength is the sea and there is no better way to enjoy it than looking for a room close to it! This district doesn’t border on the sea, nonetheless it is so close that you’ll go there every single time you will have free time. Furthermore, you are close to the city centre, too. This means nice shops, bars and restaurants, all on hand! Still not convinced? Have a walk in the city of Arts and Sciences… you’ll never stop to take pictures to this amazing architectural complex!


Looking for a room is not easy, but selecting the right district with all the services is not a child’s play. Camins al Grau has literally everything: banks, supermarkets, metro stations, busses, etc. At a first sight, these aspects may appear not important, but believe us, you have always to check those little services that will ease your stay in the city. Do not underestimate them.


We are aware that looking for a room in a new city is always difficult and this has triggered us to guide you through this search. Camins al Grau is the typical tidy calm safe residential area and it is right in the city centre. What more could you want? This short list has provided you all the reasons why we think that this neighbourhood is perfect to move in.

helpValencia has chosen this area to host students and young workers from all over the world. Our shared flats are located only in the best areas of Valencia and Camins al Grau is one of these. Are you ready to look for your new home away from home?