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Valencia: barrio Benimaclet

Valencia: barrio Benimaclet

Valencia and “barrio” Benimaclet, this is our next stop to discover every corner of the city. It has been a while, isn’t it? Well, we have been busy with all the Christmas things and with 2019. We are back though and we are ready to discover another district in the beautiful Valencia. Do you remember our last exploratory walk in La Saïdia? This time we are just around the corner, in Benimaclet.

The aim of our walks is not just recreational. We are actually exploring every district of Valencia to let you discover this city and to ease your life when it comes to looking for a shared flat. Being new in town, you may need to collect information before choosing the location of your new home away from home. Therefore, we try to describe you and suggest you all those areas that meet your needs as student or young worker. Services, cultural offer, chances to enjoy the city and your free time: this is what you should valuate when it comes to districts and housing solutions.

Benimaclet comes from within these parameters and helpValencia could not miss to show you the strengths of the area. Furthermore, we have located some of our shared flats there (you will discover later why!). Talking about shared flats, here our suggestion. When it comes to housing solutions, this is the perfect one especially if you are a student or if you have to look for a job. You can share expenses, share the rent, meet new people, and practice a new language. Well, the advantages are several and we have already talked about them in one of our blog posts… This is a good excuse to have a look at our columns!  

Should we stop chatting and begin with a description of Benimaclet? Yes, we should (we cannot control the passion we have for digressions ahahah). Benimaclet has been originally a small village close to Valencia. Due to the expansion of the city, it has been absorbed into it in 1972 and it has become an important part of Valencia. Actually, it is the area where many students move. Why? Because it is close to the universities. These inhabitants and the universities are the reason why many nice cafes has been located in Benimaclet, a charming and unique barrio with narrow streets and street markets.

We guess we have already convinced you that this district may be the perfect one for you. Nonetheless, as promised, let’s have a look at the offer of this magical area.


The cultural side of Benimaclet

Unfortunately, there are not museums in Benimaclet, but you have much more! Such as? First, you should appreciate the narrow streets that characterize this district: it is an evidence of the recent past of the area. Another kindly suggested thing and something that you have definitely to do is just walking around. Discover the churches, the hidden examples of Valencian buildings and enjoy the street art.

Free time

It will never be a problem here ahahah! As said before, there are many cafes to enjoy an afternoon with your friends, drinking tea and talking about classes or interesting novels. Have you ever tried an escape room? Do not worry; it is nothing dangerous or bad. You have to escape using you brain to solve puzzles and riddles. By the way, you have one in Benimaclet and you should definitely do it. As you can see, free time will not exist if you decide to move to this district… Actually, you will seldom stay at home.


You may have read a lot about Valencia, it offer, its beaches and the lifestyle there. It is harder though, that you have a clear overview of the services you can find in the several districts. Google maps will help you for sure; nonetheless, we wish to provide you with some general information. There are supermarkets, there is a street market and there are banks and ATMs. Public transports and connections are extremely good, too. Being this district a little bit farer from the city centre (30 minutes by foot), public transports may be extremely useful. There are two metro stations, one per each side of the district and trams and busses are as frequent and efficient as in every other part of Valencia.


Looking for a room in Valencia may be complicated. Therefore, helpValencia is here to support you and provide you with shared flats in some of the best districts of the city. Benimaclet is one of them. Cafes, street markets, the right amount of fun activities and a unique atmosphere. Would not you like to settle there for a while? Among all the other districts, this is one of our favourites, maybe because we are intellectuals (we would like to!).

By the way, helpValencia has chosen this area to host students and young workers from all over the world. We strive every day to look for shared flats in some of the best parts of the city. Benimaclet is undoubtedly one of them and we are lucky to have the chance to offer you housing solutions in such a nice district. If you are still looking for a shared flat or if you are thinking about moving to Valencia, remember to check our web and select this area: you will not regret it.

Have you enjoyed our walk through the beautiful streets of Benimaclet? We did and we really hope to have provided you with useful information. It is time to go, but we will meet again in few weeks… Meanwhile, we hope you will enjoy the blog posts of our columns and let us know if there were something, you would like to know about Valencia!