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Valencia: barrio La Saïdia

Valencia: barrio La Saïdia

Barrio La Saïdia, this is the next stop of our column about the coolest neighbourhoods in Valencia. Have you enjoyed the last walk in Eixample? If you have enjoyed it as much as we did, you will certainly appreciate our new post about barrio La Saïdia, a neighbourhood rich in history.

As we always point out, it may be difficult to decide which may be the best place to live, especially if you are not familiar with Valencia and the several neighbourhoods. In order to meet your needs, helpValencia has decided to create this column. Our aim is to help you looking for the best neighbourhood in the city. Being new in town, you may need to collect information before choosing your shared flat. Therefore, we are here to provide an overview of barrio La Saïdia, and some useful information that will help you decide whether this area is right up your alley or not. We have already provided you a general description of the city… it’s time to deepen the topic.

Why is La Saïdia so special?  Originally, this neighbourhood hosted the palace and the garden of the king. Actually, this area is named after the palace of the Andalusian king Zayd. This neighbourhood is located in the Northern part of the city and amazing parks and gardens surround it. Discover this green district with us!

Why should you look for your accommodation in La Saïdia? There is no doubt that this area in Valencia has many strengths and we are here to discover them with you. The only thing you will have to do once we have provided you the description is looking for a shared flat in this area… You will not regret it. Why should you live in this area? Well, it is simple. Because the location is important, especially when you want to enjoy the city offer, such as events, restaurants, museums. There is no better way to begin your experience abroad: the location of your new home away from home must be close to services, public transports and city centre.

We do not need to convince you that La Saïdia has many strengths. Nonetheless, let’s start our description, we are sure you will fall in love with this neighbourhood.

Museums and monuments

Museums, monuments and architecture are the strengths of La Saïdia. Talking about museums, we have to mention the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia, the Natural Science Museum (this second one is located in the Royal Gardens, such a nice location!) and the Conchita Piquer Museum (the birthplace of this famous Spanish singer). Tourist mode on my dear, you have to visit el Pont de Fusta (a peculiar bridge) and a monastery of the XIII century, the Monasterio de la Trinidad.

Free time

We love free time… as anyone else ahahah. By the way, this neighbourhood offers you many interesting things to do. Do you want an example? Imagine a sunny day in Valencia, right at this time: the temperature and the warm colours are the perfect background for a relaxing walk in the park. Barrio La Saïdia has two different parks, the Royal Gardens (Jardin de Viveros) and the Marxalenes Park. No need to go further, this first detail alone makes this area the perfect location for your new-shared flat.


Looking for a room is not easy, but selecting the right district with all the services is not a child’s play. La Saïdia seems to be a happy place in Valencia because, in spite of its central location, has all the services you may need in daily life. Banks, supermarkets, metro stations, busses and it is even close to a university. At a first sight, these aspects may appear not important, but believe us, you have always to check those little services that will ease your stay in the city.


We are aware that looking for a room in a new city is always difficult and this has triggered us to guide you through this search. La Saïdia is the perfect neighbourhood: nice for a walk, with many green areas, restaurants, services, close to the University (just in case you are a student). What more could you want? This short list has provided you all the reasons why we think that this neighbourhood is the perfect one to move to.

helpValencia has chosen this area to host students and young workers from all over the world. Our shared flats are located only in the best areas of Valencia and La Saïdia is one of these. Are you ready to look for your new home away from home? Follow our suggestions and you cannot get wrong.

If you are still looking for the shared flat of your dreams, keep following us and do not miss the upcoming blog posts about Valencia and its coolest neighbourhoods!


helpValencia Team