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A tasty traditional Easter

A tasty traditional Easter

A tasty traditional Easter in Valencia, to discover new traditions and to spend a tasty Easter away from home. We have not created “Tasty” column yet, but Easter is coming and we wish to let you taste some of the unbelievably delicious dishes that many Spanish families prepare for this special day. We have suggested you many sweet treats, we guess that now we should make room for something savoury.

A tasty menu needs people who appreciate it! Moreover, cooking for yourself does not make fun. This is why we appreciate shared flats so much. By living with other people, you will have the chance to spend Easter in a unique way. As we like to point out, sharing a lunch make the food even tastier. Therefore, when you will have to look for an accommodation, remember to check the shared flats in your favourite neighbourhood of Valencia.

A tasty traditional Easter, only few days left and many things to plan. Everything must be perfect and helpValencia will support you. We have created for you a perfect menu to taste the Spanish tradition. First course, main course and dessert…


Easter mouth-watering menu


Let’s begin with a “light” meat pie. This dish hails from Salamanca and Avila and you will love it. It looks like a huge empanada, but the filling is a great surprise: meat, chorizo and hard-boiled eggs. Eggs and Easter are synonyms ahahah. By the way, if you are not a professional chef and you do not want to risk, you can easily buy it in a rotisserie. First course, main course and now it is finally time for the desserts.

Sopa de Ajo

In order to prepare ourselves for the main course, let’s taste a soup. The sopa de ajo is a garlic soup made of garlic, chicken broth, egg and sherry. If you manage to prepare this tasty soup, your stay in Valencia will finally mean something. We are kidding, of course! This soup is the perfect starter, but the good is yet to come.

Potaje de Vigilia

Goodbye soup; welcome stew! Every Spanish family prepares this amazingly tasty stew during the Semana Santa and serves it on Good Friday. The potaje is super simple to prepare, therefore you do not have any excuse: it must be on your menu. Should we write down some of the ingredients? Take note, please: chickpeas, spinach, garlic, onion, pepper and hard-boiled egg.

Mona de Pascua

The long sought-after moment has arrived. Pastry and sugar everywhere! It has been difficult to choose only few of the Semana Santa desserts, but we are satisfied. Here, the cake! This sweet treat hails from Valencia; therefore, we have decided to include it in our menu, a perfect sweet end. It is a symbol of spring and its colourful decorations prove it. These cakes can be topped with boiled eggs or with chocolate or, eventually, with both!


After the cake, perfect with a cup of coffee, our beloved Torrijas. Do you remember them? We have listed them in our Carnival sweets’ list. By the way, a sweet description for the newcomers and the forgetful people. Torrijas are pieces of bread soaked in milk and eggs, than fried and covered with sugar, honey, chocolate or custard. Oh my word, we are so full… But we have one last treat for you.

Flores de Semana Santa

Last, but not least, the beautiful flowers… You must have seen them several times, as they are in the showcases of many bakeries. Believe us, they are not only beautiful. These sweet crunchy flowers are delicious, but, unlike the previous sweet treat, they are a little bit more complicated to make (the flowery shape is for professionals!).


Let’s talk about this menu… We cannot wait to taste it and enjoy Easter with our flatmates. We must save room for the Flores… We have seen them several times around Valencia, but we have never tasted them: this is our chance ahahah. Before we start cooking though, we wish to leave you with some suggestions, with a suggestion actually.

Two words are enough: shared flats. Shared flats are the best housing solution ever for students and young workers.  Besides offering you the chance to meet people from all over the world, they will let you live in amazing cities even if you have a small budget. By sharing rent and expenses, you will have the chance to enjoy Valencia to the fullest.

Time flies and we have a tasty Easter to plan. Keep following our pages on Instagram and Facebook, we will come back after Easter holidays (with five kilos more)

helpValencia wishes you an happy Easter!