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The City of arts and sciences

The City of arts and sciences

The City of arts and sciences, possibly the most important cultural complex in Valencia. We have mentioned the City of arts in our blog posts several time. We have never talked about it properly, though. Therefore, helpValencia has decided to get around the City of arts and sciences with you.

This is also the very first post about “Getting around…”: we may begin a brand new column that will bring you around some of the most important and charming parts of Valencia. What do you think about it? We have completed the column “Public transports” and we have time to begin a brand new one. We are so excited for this new adventure and we start with a bang. The City of arts and sciences is literally a little village inside Valencia with amazing buildings and interesting exhibitions. It is dreamy and we have the privilege to visit it with you.

Actually, we have so much to tell you that we do not know where to begin. First, this is the first day of spring and we cannot wait to see colourful flowers everywhere. We are winter people, but we are not unmoved by the beauty of nature. Valencia is gorgeous in this period of the year and, if you live here, you perfectly know what we are talking about. If you are still not here, well… Plan your stay in this enchanting city because amazing things are waiting for you.

Here, the second thing we really want to tell you. If you are thinking of moving to Valencia, you must look for an accommodation (we are stating the obvious). Shared flat are a good option for students and young workers who want to move abroad or in another city for a while. They are cheap, you can practice foreign languages and you meet people from all over the world. Enough reasons to choose a shared flat as housing solution.

Last thing, our City of arts and sciences tour. It is actually the topic of our post and we have not dedicated enough time to it yet. We will call our tour “Itinerary” and we will list with a brief description all the main things you have to visit there. Let’s say that today, we will design this new format live ahahah. Are you ready to get around the City of arts and sciences?





Let’s begin our itinerary with the Hemisfèric. This building, also known as Planetarium, resembles a giant eye in the middle of a water pool. Talking a bit about this architectural jewel, it has been the first one completed in 1998. The aluminium shutter opens to reveal the “iris of the eye” that hosts the IMAX Cinema. Beside a cinema, the Hemisfèric is also a planetarium and a laserium (as we had no idea what was this last one, we did some research and we have discovered that it is a laser lighting display, brilliant!)


El Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe

From lights shows to DNA, the leitmotif is always science. The shape of this building, amazing and original. It looks like a whale skeleton and it has three floors: the ground floor for a basketball court, the first one has a view of the Turia Garden (many square meters of water), the second hosts “The legacy of science” and the third one the “Chromosome Forest”. As the name of this building suggests, it has born as an interactive science museum. Should we walk a bit in the open air?



Of course, we should and we will do it in a special place, in the Umbracle. Its open structure makes this building a long walk, but not a common one. First, the architecture is majestic and we really like it. Then, it hosts many indigenous plants, such as lavender, rosemary, palm trees, rockrose and much more. How long is this walk? It is 320 meters long and includes two types of arches, fixed and floating.



Back inside, but, before we go in, some interesting facts about this building. This is the largest oceanographic in Europe (110’000 square meters). It contains 42 million liters of water. It has the shape of a water lily. As you may have deduced, it is the home of many species (500) from all over the world, from the Antarctic to the Ted Sea. No doubts on the value of the Oceanogràfic, now it is time to visit it!


El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia

Let’s say goodbye to the pretty jellyfishes and to the funny dolphins and visit the opera house and performing arts centre. This Palau has four areas; the main hall, the master hall, the auditorium and the Martin y Soler theatre. This is, with no doubts, our favourite building; it is a jewel; we are in love with it. Unfortunately, there are no performances now, but we will go back there soon. Our itinerary must go on, otherwise we will stay here till tomorrow!


El Pont de l’Assut de l’Or

Can you guess what this one is? Surprise, surprise, it is a bridge, a white cable-stayed bridge. An interesting fact about this bridge is that its tower is the highest point in the city.



And now, a quick description of the covered square. This cover is supposed to hold performances, exhibitions and many important events and we cannot wait for the next concert there.


Oh my word, our walk has been interesting and tiring at the same time. Our only desire is going back home, enjoy a film in our shared flats and rest our poor legs. Not before suggesting you to follow our adventures on Instagram! As we do not post many pictures on our blog, you may have the chance to discover more about Valencia and get around one of the prettiest Spanish cities on Instagram. By the way, feel free to follow us… We are @help_accommodation!

Now, we are ready to say goodbye. Do not worry, we will come back soon with another post, but it stays secret. Yes, we want to create suspense; nonetheless, you can guess which post will be the next (especially, if you are an avid reader of our blog).


helpValencia “travellers” team