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International cuisine in Valencia

International cuisine in Valencia

International cuisine in Valencia. Are you ready for a mouth-watering journey? We know that you are on diet and it is not the right period to suggest you tasty international restaurants, but… It is always the right moment to eat! Ahahah! This month we have prepared for you a peculiar list, a list that travel around the world.

Valencia offers much more than paella. Do not get us wrong, paella is terrific and we will always love to taste it. Nonetheless, we really like to taste flavours from other countries… Asia, Greece, Italy, and South America: they are always a good idea and an unbelievably tasty alternative to the delicious Spanish food. How could we miss the chance to taste something new? You know the answer and you know that we had to do it.

Never eat alone. Share your meal with someone and you will enjoy it to the fully.  This is our rule number 1. Do you have flatmates? If not, you have to fix it. How? By looking for a shared flat. Valencia provides its students and young workers with many chances to live in a shared flat and to live in a very good neighbourhood. A well-connected shared flat is the perfect housing solution: you will share rent and expenses and you will meet international people. You will kill two birds with one stone (this idiom is one of the last we have learned in English ahahah). On one side, you can save money to go out and eat in a good restaurant. On the other one, you meet people and you can enjoy tasty food with them. helpValencia may really be the perfect starting point to live an unforgettable experience in one of the most famous Spanish cities.

Should we go back to juicy topics? To our tasty international restaurants in Valencia. As mentioned before our suggestions, we have listed some restaurants that offers you delicious dishes from all over the world, from West to East. Have you already selected a gym close to your shared flat? After this journey, you will certainly need a membership to reduce your body fat… We already have one ahahah.

Are you ready for our mouth-watering journey? Because we are sooooo hungry and we really need to pick up a good restaurant for tonight.



The first of the list had to be a Greek restaurant, one of our favourite international cuisines. If you have a look at the pictures, it is not so hard to understand the reason why we are so much into this restaurant. Large portions and traditional flavours are the strengths… Greek food does the rest!

Origen Clandestino

Colombian food is our second option. Not sure about Spain, but in the rest of Europe this cuisine is not popular at all. Original is the adjective to describe this restaurant: eye-candy new flavours in an amazing atmosphere. This is undoubtedly a place to celebrate something important: unfortunately the prices are a little bit high, but, believe us, it is worthy.

Trattoria Napoletana da Carlo

To be honest, we have never been there. The pictures though are quite inviting (we have an Italian in our team and she assure us that the pizza looks like the original one)… Should we give it a chance? If you manage to go there, we suggest you to taste something different from pizza, too. Such as? Mozzarella, some nice homemade pasta and the desserts.

Baden Baden

We enjoy German food, but we are aware that Germany is not famous for its cuisine! There are some dishes though that are mouth-watering. Wurst (sausage), Kraut and Kartoffelnsalat (potato salad) are kindly suggested: they are great with a cold beer.

Ryukishin Valencia

Japan is our last stop during this juicy journey. As we want to surprise you with uncommon cuisine or variants, sushi is not our choice. The most common Japanese dish is sushi, but we’ve discovered another tasty food. Do you remember these huge bowls with strange things inside that appear in the anime? They are eating Ra-men, a soup with soy, miso, noodles, eggs and meet. Actually, there are many variants on the menu and they are all delicious!


Have you already reserved a table? We guess you are still trying to choose the restaurant. If you need help, well, we suggest the Greek one… We are great fans of their food and we never get tired of it. Gather your friends, reserve a table and enjoy a tasty Mussaka! This is more than a reason to live in a shared flat. As many of you already know, we are used to suggest our readers this housing solution. Its strengths? Multiple. Cons? Few.

International restaurants are a way to travel without leaving Valencia, as well as a way to remember a travel you did in a foreign country. By living in Valencia, you have the great chance to taste new flavours and we kindly suggest you to take advantage of it. Having said that, it is time to eat and, therefore, it is time to say goodbye.

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Ah, we have nearly forgotten… Buen provecho!