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Are you ready to move abroad?

Are you ready to move abroad?

Are you ready to live an unforgettable experience abroad? Documents, flights, accommodation, university… you must plan many things before your departure and you may need some help.

The decision to spend some months abroad is without any doubt a win-win experience. It will be, for example, an important plus in your curriculum vitae. Nonetheless, you must take into account some details. Budget, accommodation, services, exams, public transports, language barriers, etc. You must carefully plan all those details before your arrival. Once you have worked out the kinks, you can fully enjoy your experience.

We have created a checklist for you: the easiest way to check if you are ready to start your experience abroad or if you still have to solve some of the many issues that a move entails.

Country and city information

The first thing that you have to do is collecting information about the country and the city where you would like to move. First, it will help you understand if you can actually afford this location. Then it will help you during the room choice: if you already know the districts, you know where you have to look for. Finally yet importantly, it will prevent a “culture shock”. Weather, laws, traditions, culture, the habits and the language are as important as the documents, the flat or the bank account.


This is maybe the worst part, because it will make you realise whether you can start your experience abroad or not. When you deal with finances, those are the things that you have to take into account: price of the room or flat, cost of living (expenses, food, drinks, medicaments, etc.), price of public transports, eventual taxes (e.g. university taxes), and cost of flights. As you have already collected info about the city, you will easily make an assessment of how much money you will actually need during your stay.

Once you have fixed this, you can start planning your stay in a more concrete way. In order to enjoy your stay and the city, we kindly suggest you to choose a location only if you can afford it.


Paperwork is boring, but, unfortunately, you have to do it. We suggest you to make a list of what you need before your departure (VISA or any other university/job paper) and what you’ll have to do when you’ll start your stay (residence permit, registrations, etc.). With this list, you’ll be prepared and you won’t have any problem during your stay. Please collect information about the health insurance: it is of paramount importance and, unfortunately, it works differently in each country. Be sure to have everything fixed before your departure!


Once you have your budget clear and you’ve done all the paperwork, you can choose your accommodation.

Student residence or shared flat? Single room or double room? Those are the first choices you have to make. Once you know it, you can start looking for your new cosy room!

The second thing you have to decide is the location. We always suggest giving preference to the city centre or a neighbourhood close to the university. It will be easier to get around and you will enjoy more the city life.

There are then two other things that you have to check. Let’s start with the services: supermarkets, bank, doctors have to be close to the flat. You never know what and when you may need something, better not to risk. Second thing are the public transports. Check if the shared flat is well connected with university, city centre or your job location. This is a way to save time, too… More time, more fun!

Flight tickets

If you have a room and all the documents, you can finally plan your trip! Yes, you can finally use Sky Scanner or Go Euro and buy your tickets. We suggest you to do it in advance, so that they are cheaper and you can save the money for future travels.

Public transports

Once you have fixed all those major details, you can focus on another equally important aspect. Check the public transports you have at your disposal, their timetables and if there are apps that can help you to organize your displacements. As we have already pointed out, this aspect should be considered during the choice of the accommodation, too.


Many things? Don’t worry! If you follow our tips and you plan everything, you will surely enjoy your stay abroad. Furthermore, remember that you are not alone. helpValencia is always at your disposal! We will be happy to help you, by providing you housing solutions in the best locations of the city or simply by giving you some more tips. We will help you to feel at home even if you’re far from home. 

Ready for take off! Your experience abroad shall begin…