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Valencia: barrio Pla del Real

Valencia: barrio Pla del Real

Valencia and Pla del Real, we will explore this neighbourhood today. helpValencia, for some time now, is describing some of the best areas of the city in order to help its clients during the difficult flat-hunting. Finding an accommodation in a nice location is difficult, but, with our column, we wish to help you selecting the neighbourhood perfect for you.

Talking about flat hunting, have you already found an accommodation? We have no doubt you will certainly choose a good neighbourhood (especially if you keep following our suggestions). But what about the housing solution? Are you lone wolves? On the other hand, are you a friendly bunch? Would you like to live in a shared flat? This is the first question you have to answer after another important point… Which is your budget? Oh my world, so many questions and so important! In order to get the most out of your stay and in order to have everything settled before your arrival, check our blog posts “Are you ready to move abroad” and “Room-hunting and more”. We believe they will be useful and will ease your lives.

Back to the main topic of this post, neighbourhoods. If you are one of our readers, you will have certainly read the other posts about Benimaclet, La Saïdia, Eixample and Camins al Grau. Our walking tours in some of the prettiest neighbourhoods in Valencia are going to end soon, but what is important to us is knowing that they have been useful. As always, we will provide you with a brief description of the area (location, history and other details), than we will have a look at the monuments and museums close to the area. We will plan your free time together and last, but not least, we will check the services you have at our disposal. This is a quite detailed picture of the post structure, so that the newcomers can have an overview of our walk through the streets of Valencia… Let’s cut the chatter. Are you ready to discover barrio Pla del Real?

Barrio Pla del Real is on the banks of the river Turia and it is one of the most elegant neighbourhoods in Valencia. When it comes to the location, it is extremely close to the two last neighbourhoods we have described you in the past months. Particularly loved by students, we really think it is the perfect neighbourhood to live in a young and international atmosphere.  Here some more reasons to move to this amazing area in Valencia.



Very central, this neighbourhood hosts several museums and it is close to one of the main attractions of the city, the City of arts and sciences (city, city, city… should we repeat city again? Ahahah). Another museum where you will surely spend amazing afternoons is the Palacio de la Exposición: the building is breath taking, we could look at it for hours. Other cultural corners that you will certainly visit even if you will not live in this neighbourhood? The Natural History Museum and the Fine Arts Museum. As you can see, this area offers you a lot.

Free Time

Free time means fun and fun means enjoying all the activities that this neighbourhood could offer you. First, the museums: we will not repeat a list of them (you have an entire paragraph above), just write them down and plan a visit with your flat mates. If it is a sunny day, no way to miss the green parks/gardens, such as the Jardines del Real, the Jardines de Viveros and the Jardì de Monforte. Are you into football? There is a stadium, too! Bars and restaurants are everywhere, too. This area is full of international people who enjoy coffee or good music in nice cafés (Bueno Bueno, El Aguacates, etc.) and taste amazing tapas (La Casa de los Martini).


Services will not be a problem; as any other central neighbourhood, you have at your disposal everything you need: grocery shops, restaurant (if you do not want to cook), post offices, bank and public transports. Moreover, you are so central that you can reach everything you need by foot and in few minutes. We have nearly forgot about the Universities: the most important ones are all located in this neighbourhood… so… students… now you know where you should look for your shared flat.


So, have you enjoyed our walk? We did and we are already planning to look for a shared flat in this area. Moreover, we need to improve our language skills and, being barrio Pla del Real full of students, we kill two birds with one stone (for the readers who do not know what it means, don’t worry, we are not doing it literally!).

Shared flats and neighbourhood description. Done and dusted. It is time to talk about our social media. It has been a while that we do not talk about our posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We have so many ways to keep in touch, that you can literally spend every day with us and enjoy amazing pictures, lifestyle hacks and much more. What do you have to do not to miss our posts? Just follow us or, at best, keep following us. helpValencia needs you to improve its contents and to provide you with a better service. Moreover, you can leave us nice comments… It is always amazing waking up with your messages on Instagram or Facebook!

We handled several topics today, but the most important one stays the neighbourhood description. We hope you have enjoyed Pla del Real and… we hope you will enjoy our next walking tour in Valencia, too.

See you soon!

Yours helpValencia team.