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What you cannot miss in January!

What you cannot miss in January!

What you cannot miss in January! It is January! We are so happy to begin a new year with you. We want to begin 2019 with many good resolutions and many amazing memories. Have you enjoyed your 2018 in Valencia? And have you enjoyed our blog? Wait a minute, talking about blog, this is the very first post of 2019!

What about your New Year’s resolutions? We have listed some and we have decided to share them with you… Curious? Here helpValencia resolutions:

  1. Offer you always more shared flats, so that you will have more chance to take advantage of our services.
  2. Improve our services for you: looking for new ideas and new projects.
  3. Keep providing you with useful info thanks to our blog: we will keep our tours all around Valencia and its neighbourhoods; we will talk again about public transports, Spanish language, Spanish traditions...
  4. Share our adventures with you: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will make you experience the best adventure abroad ever. Keep following us!

Should we begin immediately with the resolution number 3? The monthly agenda is a good start to improve our blog, to provide you with new tips and to welcome you in 2019 with some great events and, maybe, some concerts.

Being January time for arrivals and for new experiences, here our first suggestion of 2019 (please, drumroll): helpValencia offers you the chance to move abroad, grab it! Our shared flats are waiting for you and your new flatmates. Furthermore, our shared flats are in some of the best districts in Valencia: this means in the city centre, good connected and close to the services. Do not miss the chance to live one of the best adventures ever.

Back to our resolution, we have decided to redesign our agenda and this one is our first attempt: new year, new agenda, new design, and new tips! How will we structure this post? We have divided the agenda into two sections. The first one will contain the traditional list of events, exhibitions, concerts, restaurants or gastronomical events. The second section is the news. For the very first time helpValencia will suggest you a restaurant or something tasty, a movie, two books (one in Spanish and the other in English), a TV series and a daily trip to visit places close to Valencia.

Cut to the chase, let’s begin our new agenda and a new interesting (we hope so) adventure together.



5 January_Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos: This celebration seems to be as important as Christmas here in Spain. Therefore, you cannot miss the parade. You can actually enjoy it everywhere in Spain… It may be a lifelong resolution: take part to the parade every year in a different city!

Until 13 January_”Teniamos todos a nuestro favour”: What do you think about contemporary art? If you like it, this may be your last chance to visit this exhibition with pieces by Picasso, Dérain, Carmen Calvo and many other valuable artists. Here the link with more info.

26 January_Darknoise Concert: if you are into metal and you have never listened to this Spanish band, well, it is time for you to go to one of their concerts. helpValencia has found one for you, right in Valencia! (What a coincidence…)



To read

  • More.Plastic. by Martin Dorey. A guide with 2 minutes solutions to reduce plastic in your daily life. (EN)
  • Stop Basura: la verdad sobre el reciclar. by Alex Pascual. This book shows us the importance of recycling. (ES)

To watch

  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. This is the sequel of “Fantastic beasts and where to find them”, therefore, we guess, it does not need any introduction.
  • Parks and Recreation. A hilarious political satire about the daily political life of Leslie, a mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks Departments of Pawnee (TV series).

To eat

  • Roscon de Reies, the traditional dessert that every Spaniard eats the 6th.

To visit

  • Sagunto, an enchanting Roman city with a fortress and a breath-taking view. You can reach it by bus, train and, of course, by car.



Enough plans for one month? Well, enjoy amazing moments both at home, with your flatmates, and outside, discovering Valencia with your friends. This month is actually a great chance to begin with the right foot and to make plans. Furthermore, it is winter! A both cold and enchanting season, snowflakes, warm cups of tea, cinnamon rolls… We need a hot chocolate with churros ahahahah.

helpValencia wishes you an amazing January! Follow our adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter… Stay tuned and do not miss our columns.

See you next month with other events and… favourites…