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Room-hunting and more!

Room-hunting and more!

Room-hunting in Valencia? Are you planning to stay there some months? Would you like to live in a good area, maybe central and well connected? Here some tips to solve the long-standing issue of the room hunting. Ready to turn “possible” this “mission impossible”? helpValencia is here to help you and to support you step by step.

A new home away from home is of paramount importance if you really want to enjoy your stay completely without worries. Sometimes it may be complicated to create a familiar atmosphere in an inhospitable flat or in a small old room. That’s why we have decided to look for big flats, renovate them and offer them to students and young workers who decide to move abroad.

Let’s just cut to the chase, what you need now is a list full of important suggestions. Because you must have the room that you deserve! As already mentioned thousands of times, once you have a budget, you are on the downhill run. What else do you need to get the most of your stay abroad? A cosy pretty room! Here some tips to get the perfect one…

  • Select a good and central neighbourhood

As we already mentioned, the location of your new flat in Valencia plays an important role, a very important role. Especially if you want to enjoy the city and all the activities that it offers. It doesn’t have to be in the city centre, but without any doubt it has to offer many services and to be close to metro stations or bus stops.

  • Check the services and the public transports

Repetita iuvant! And we will never get tired to do it. Wherever your future room will be, do not underestimate the services and the connections offered by this area. Banks, grocery shops, post office, pharmacy, doctor, dentist… all this things may seem insignificant, but they are not. Once you will begin to live abroad and alone, you will realize it immediately.

  • Look for a shared flat

Shared flat, student residence or flat on your own? Shared flats are a good solution to get the most of your stay abroad. There are several very good reasons to choose this housing solution instead of a student residence or a flat on your own.  Let’s discover them together:

  • You can share the expenses and the rent.
  • You will experience new cultures and grow. As they will come from all over the world, they will have different habits. You have to embrace them and, why not, learn new things.
  • You never get bored! You can plan many activities with your flat mates. Believe us, they will be your best friends.
  • By interacting every day with international people, you will improve your language skills, both Spanishand English.
  • Read the contract

We know you are skilled and that probably you have already lived alone before nonetheless read the contract and be sure that you have not missed any detail of the terms and conditions, the costs and all the other clauses. 

  • Ask for help

In order to help you avoid frauds or unpleasant surprises, trust the housing providers. They are intermediaries between you and the landlords and will take care of your interests. helpValencia is one of these providers and takes care of its beloved clients before, during and after their arrival.


If you follow our tips, you’re on the right path to live an unforgettable experience. If you need more help and assistance, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to guide you through this jungle.

Are you ready to look for your new room in Valencia? We are waiting for you!