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What you cannot miss in September!

What you cannot miss in September!

September is here! Someone may be sad, someone else happy. We don’t judge, everyone has its favourite month and season! We are personally in love with September because it means a new start and new arrivals. It is like the unofficial start of a new year with projects, changes and many plans.

WELCOME… As already mentioned, it’s time for arrivals. We would like to welcome all the new internationals and young Spanish people who will start a new adventure in Valencia. We hope you’ll have a great time with us! As we want to be helpful, we will start with the first most important advice. If you are looking for a room, scan the opportunities that you may have in the city centre. If you live in a well-connected area, it will be easy for you to find interesting events, bars, karaokes or other activities to spend some pleasant hours with your friends.

Moreover, helpValencia has great plans for you. Here a short list of events that you cannot miss in September. We have selected tasty things, other more cultural and finally some events that may be very interesting. Are you ready to start your new adventure abroad?



La casa de la mar

This peculiar space is actually open the whole year and it hosts events, concerts and, the most important thing, many stands with tasty food. The atmosphere is very pretty as this hall recreates a beach. Enjoy a Poke Bawl, drink a cold beer and #Stay Salty!


It is one of the ingredients of the traditional Valencia cuisine, but it is also part of the Japanese tradition. Valencia Segreta has created an itinerary that will make you taste both the variants, the European and the Oriental. We are sure that it’s impossible to say which is the tastiest! 



Museo Fallero

This museum is the symbol of one of the most important Valencia traditions: the San Josè celebrations. What are the Fallas? A Falla is a satirical monument made of inflammable materials, which are raised in the main streets and squares of the city during the celebrations that take place on March. Do you want to know more about this museum and these traditions?

Ens fem un cafè?

Till 11 November “Let’s grab a coffee”, this is the title of the temporary exhibition in the History Museum in Valencia. A very interesting chance to know more about to the origin of this drink: a project that shows its history since its arrival in the West. If you like coffee as much as we do, you cannot miss this exhibition!



L’any de la mar

15 September This is literally the “Marina”’s birthday: eleven years ago the area close to the harbour has been renovated. Concerts, theatres, tasty food and many activities will make your Saturday unforgettable. Is it still sunny and hot? Well, you can jump in the water…

Concierto Pool Jazz Duo

29 September If someone asks you what he doesn’t have to miss this month, well, this concert is the answer. The Casa de la Mar hosts this amazing duo and, if you are a jazz lover, you have to go! A trumpet and a guitar will perform for you Jazz and Swing… See you there!

As already mentioned, if your room is in a good location, you won’t have any problem to find these and many other activities in Valencia. By the way, you have September planned now!

Are you ready to begin your new adventure in Valencia? Because we are!