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Barrio Poblats Marítims

Barrio Poblats Marítims

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When you think of relaxing under the sun in Valencia, you’re thinking of Poblats Marítims. In our exploration of Valencia’s neighborhoods, today we will walk along the beautiful beachside barrio, Poblats Marítim, enjoying its sand between our toes. We know that finding the best accommodation can be difficult, but we hope to ease some of your burden by continuing this column. If you want more information on the neighbourhoods of Valencia, it’s all just a click away. 


While you’re looking for the perfect neighborhood, don’t forget to check out accommodations in the area! If you haven’t considered a shared flat, you should definitely look into them because of the many benefits they offer students and young workers. By living in a shared flat you will lower your rent costs, easily make friends in the area, and more quickly learn the language. Before we go off on a tangent about room-hunting, we better get back to the beach. 


Barrio Poblats Marítims is made up of 5 smaller districts; El Grau, Natzaret, El Cabanyal, La Malva-Rosa, and Beteró. El Grau is mainly a port district; it holds the port of Valencia, the fifth busiest seaport in Europe and the largest in Spain. El Cabanyal is just north of El Grau and is the start of Platja del Cabanyal, the beach in the city. Above this, the beach continues into La Malva-Rosa. These two, along with Beteró are the main residential areas within barrio Poblats Marítims. 

Monuments and Museums 

We’ll be honest with you, the main draw of this neighborhood is definitely not a museum or a monument, though there are a few attractions in the area. For example, Monumento a Joaquín Sorolla can be found on the southern edge of the Cabanyal district. Nearby is Museu de l’Arrós de Valéncia, an interesting museum exploring the history of rice, advancements in its production engineering, and its connection to Valencia. Also in the neighborhood is Casa-Museo Blasco Ibañez, the preserved 19th century home of a Valencian politician and writer. 

Free Time

Majority of the sandy beaches of Valencia are located on the northern side of barrio Poblat Marítims from El Cabanyal to La Malva-Rosa. In your free time in the neighborhood, you can simply head out your door and walk a few meters to the beach. Lay out in the sand, tanning and relaxing with the cool sea breeze blowing over you. Walk up and down Platja del cabanyal, dining on fresh paella and tapas. If, somehow, you get tired of relaxation at the beach, take a short walk south to Grau, where you can check out docked sailboats or take a ferry. 


The main residential areas of the Poblats Marítims, El Cabanyal, La Malva-Rosa, and Beteró provide most of the services in the neighborhood. Markets are spread throughout the barrio but are mainly in the Cabanyal area. Similarly, banks are plentiful within the northern side focused around El Cabanyal. Hospitals can be found in El Cabanyal and La Malva-Rosa. Finally, metro stations can be easily found in the neighborhood and the bus has multiple stops up and down the beach. 

Now that we’re done with our walk through the neighborhood, we hope you’ve found something you like about the area. If this beautiful neighborhood isn’t perfect for you, don’t forget to check other areas such as barrio Ruzafa, the trendy neighborhood, or distrito Ciutat Vella, the Old City district characterized by cobblestones and architecture. For more information on the city, like monthly events and tasty tips, check out our blog. Feel free to leave a comment here if you have any questions or suggestions. 


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