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Valencia: distrito Ciutat Vella

Valencia: distrito Ciutat Vella

Today we talk about distrito Ciutat Vella, or the Old City district in Valencia. This atmospheric neighborhood is characterised by pretty cobble-stones and suggestive architecture from Roman Empire Age, Modernism art and even Arabic style. This could be enough to see in few days in Valencia, but we want to make sure you don’t miss also the other beautiful neighborhoods we wrote about in our district column.

Before discovering Ciutat Vella district, here is a little overview (and an introduction for the newcomers) about this barrios topic and why we decided to begin these blog posts some months ago - around August 2018. We thought that a neighborhoods column would have been compulsory for our blog! We mean, we provide students and young workers with flats, apartments and there was no clue of district suggestions. So, there we started and we have walked around some of the most important barrios: Camins al Grau, Eixample, Pla del Real, La Saidia and Benimaclet.

And today our journey goes on!

What are you going to find in this blogpost? First, a quick brief description of the district, switching to services at your disposal and then to the sightseeing attractions, such as museums, parks, monuments and much more cultural things to see. And last but not the list, some tips to enjoy your free time in this beautiful place.


Since it’s a super touristic and central neighborhood, Ciutat Vella has many services to offer you: shops, banks, cafes, supermarkets and others. The public transport here is also a strength of this city: most of the metro lines cross the centre and it’s plenty of buses!  and do not forget Valenbisi the super-efficient bike sharing service.

Museum and city sightseeing

- La Llotja de la Seda
It gained the World Heritage status and that means you can’t miss it! We are talking about one of the best non-religious gothic architectures in Europe. This place, once used as a silk exchange (around 15th century), has an amazing interior, decorated with tall palms representations and gothic gargoyles on the outside.

- Central Market
The Central Market is a huge space - a must for any food lover! - built in 1920. Here you’ll have one of the best food experiences you could do in Valencia, enjoying the fresh local products: from the seafood to the cheese, from the piles of oranges to the exquisite jamon (ham)

- Valencia Cathedral
The most famous - and breathtaking - view you have over the city. You can’t miss it! But first, don’t forget to put comfortable shoes to walk the 207 steps that will lead you to the ancient tower.

- Plaza del Virgen

Right next to the cathedral, you’ll find this famous and picturesque square: sit there to grab a coffee (or tapas, even better) to enjoy the pretty fountains view.

- Torres de Serrano
Built in the 14th century, there towers were one of the getaways to the Old City. They’re basically twin towers with Torres de Quart, standing at the other side of the Ciutat Vella. You can enjoy two kind of amazing views from here: over the Old City on one side and over the Turia River Bed Gardens on the other one.

Free time

Well, no need to say how many entertaining things you will be able to find here to spend your free time at the best. As a tasty plan, we would like to suggest you the typical tapas cafes that characterise the district, but also there are ethnic and different cuisines. In this district there’s the famous barrio del Carmen, heart of the nightlife, and Ciutat de Las Artes y Ciencias, one of the most suggestive places in Valencia. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a movie with the locals you should go to the Cine Lys.

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We hope you enjoyed our walk through this amazing and historical district. And if you are looking for an accommodation, a shared flat in Valencia, you know where to find us -


Hasta pronto!

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