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What you cannot miss in May!

What you cannot miss in May!

Hola readers,


May arrived and so our monthly Agenda did to tell you what you cannot miss in our beautiful Valencia! Here we are with a special selection of our favourite plans, events, concerts, books and many other things to have the best time in the city!

Spring is finally (and completely) here and we are ready to welcome May and to enjoy the beautiful, sunny and long days spent in the city or to have great sunset siestas by the amazing beaches we have.  As always, Valencia offers a lot of activities, travels, parties and much more.

In the meanwhile, before heading to the events, a little brief overview about some moving abroad tips:

1- Define your budget;

2- Choose the neighbourhood and collect information about it;

3- Look for an accommodation - we suggest you to stay in shared flats as housing solution (you will have a lot of international new friends and get to know a lot of cultures you never thought about!);

4- Prepare documents and suitcases;


Now that the hot season finally joined us you don’t need any other better reason to go out and  enjoy our beautiful city. Therefore, here we’re going to provide you with some of our favourite events that will take place in the Valencia, in case you need something more compelling!




  • Parc Natural de l’Albufera: located 8km south of the city, this is one of the most important natural parks in Spain. It’s surrounded by rice fields and it’s characterized by nature trails and bike paths all around the lake. Moreover, it’s home to more than 250 species of birds. We recommend to have a sunset boat ride, with your beloved ones or to have fun with your friends;
  • 10-12 May – Festival of the Virgen de los Desamparados: the Old City (Ciutat Vella) will host a traditional religious festival. In the morning, at 10.30, a lot of people will carry El Traslado (the transfer) with the Peregina inside, to the Cathedral, walking through Puerta de los Hierros.
  • 12 May/23 June – Escuraeta Market: this beautiful market – which has its origins in Jaume I times – it’s hosted in the amazing Old City district. It will surprise you with its incredible handcrafts: traditional Valencian ceramics, cooking utensils, earthenware dishes. You can enjoy it from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.




To eat

  • Mercat Colón: this century-old market, made of glass and iron, it’s been amazingly transformed after a period of dereliction. Now it’s a culinary hub, full of new gourmet restaurants and cafés. You can try some tapas, some traditional Valencian horchata (the tiger-nut drink) or any kind of fresh product.
  • La Pépica: as you may know, paella was born in Valencia. And this is one of the best places in town for a delicious paella lunch right on the seafront. Moreover, this traditional and cheerful restaurant not only has paella, but also loads of other Mediterranean fresh dishes.


To watch

  • Game of Thrones: okay, this is what we have been waiting for TWO YEARS! And we’re so excited that the season 8 is finally out. If you never saw this outstanding tv show, we strongly recommend you to start. It’s based on the epic fantasy novel series written by George R.R. Martin. We don’t want to spoil a lot, but be ready to keep your breath baited: common fantasy elements, such as swordplay, magic, dragons are nothing compared to the great political intrigues and human drama.


To read

  • The solitude of prime numbers: A prime number only can be divided by itself (or by 1). Alice and Mattia, the two main characters, are both prime numbers who seem destined to stay alone. Both marked by childhood tragedies, they meet in their teenagers’ period, finding in each other a damaged soul, an anchor.
    Emotional, deep and mathematically raw. You should read this beautiful italian bestseller.


To visit

  • Xátiva: Valencia is full of exciting things to do, but sometimes we all need a little escape from the city, to reach the countryside and smaller towns. Famous for its castles and steps, Xátiva is less than one hour far from Valencia (by car or train). A place with a strong heritage, where you can’t miss the suggestive climbing to the castle and the beautiful views over there. Then, you should see other sights in town like the black cave (Cova Negra) and the beautiful garden (Jardin del Beso).
  • Morella: a medieval town located in the province on Castellon and declared one of the most beautiful towns in Spain (and you will see why!). Castle and city walls – as the traditional medieval time architecture – surround the landscape. Going further back in time you can also discover prehistoric paintings nearby Maria La Vella caves, a world heritage site. Just two hours by car or bus from Valencia, you can spend here an overnight or a weekend stay.


Well, we’re done with this monthly agenda! Keep in mind all these plans, events and suggestions, because May is gonna be full and it’s waiting for you to live amazing experiences in Valencia. By the way, if you are planning to move here, don’t forget that you can find all you need at

Well, nothing left to say.

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See you in June,

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