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Valencia: distrito Extramurs

Valencia: distrito Extramurs

Valencia and “distrito” Extramurs. Today you will discover together with helpValencia the beautiful, exclusive and super central Extramurs district. Excited? We are getting antsy. Finally, we got the chance to write about this “distrito” in our “district” column and we have discovered many interesting things for you, dear reader.

Before discovering Extramurs district, we would like to provide the newcomers with a brief overview of the column and a brief explanation of the reasons that have compelled us to write these blog posts some months ago. The “neighbourhood” column has begun last August with a general overview of Valencia. After an accurate study of our blog, we have noticed that we had no post about the districts of the city and the offer of each of them. Therefore, we have started the column and we have walked around some of the most important barrios: Camins al Grau, Eixample, Pla del Real, La Saidia and Benimaclet. Our journey must go on, of course!

Switching to our aim, helpValencia wishes to provide students and young workers who decide to move to Valencia with a quick overview of the city and its “distritos”. Therefore, we have divided the post into small sections: the first one with a brief description of the district; the second with the services at your disposal; the third about the museums and monuments and whatever can entertain you from a cultural point of view; and the last section, with some free time tips.

Once you have all this information about several “distritos”, you should be able to look for your shared flat in the location perfect for you. Why a shared flat? Well, we answered this question several times, but let’s refresh our memories. Unlike other accommodations, shared flats do not require a high budget, they will let you meet new people from all over the world and you will learn new things. Shared flat will improve every single aspect of your stay in Valencia. Of course, the locations of the flat is important! This is why helpValencia is here to help you.

As you perfectly know every single aspect of this column, we can finally go on and begin the tour of the amazing distrito Extramurs. Even though originally it was outside the city walls, in the modern times it is one of the most central parts of Valencia. All the building in this area are modern as well; they have been built between 1900 and 1960. We guess it is time to discover some details about Extramurs. Are you ready to visit this district with helpValencia?


Being central, it is easy to realize that services are just around the corner. It does not matter if your shared flat is in a small street; you will have to walk few minutes to meet all the shops you may need. Pharmacy, banks, ATM, grocery shops… useless to keep listing them.  Public transports? Needless to say, they works perfectly (4 metro stations in one street) and, if you work close or study in one of the Universities in the city centre, you will just need a bike. Do you have to buy a bike? No need!  There is a super-efficient bike sharing service called Valenbisi. A room here? Yes, please.

Museums and city sightseeing…

When it comes to culture, we have some juicy plans. Extramurs district has at least three things that you must visit. The first one are the Torres de Quart, one of the doors to the Old town designed by Pere Comte and Boldomar and built between 1441 and 1460. The second one is the Botanical Garden, perfect to discover pretty flowers and have a relaxing walk into the wild. Last but not least, the breath-taking North-Station, one of the main works of Valencian Art Nouveau; moreover, since 1987, it is a Good of Cultural Heritage.

Free time

Do we really have to write this paragraph? Ahahah. Ok, we will do it. But, as there is no doubt that you will be entertained during your free time (right?), we want to look for some tasty plans… We have found many international restaurants: a Colombian, a Peruvian and the classical Chines. Moreover, if you get a sweet tooth, there is a bakery/pastry shop called “Dulce de Leche”. Wish to eat Spanish food? The restaurant El Pederniz has many stars on Google! And it is with five kilos more that we can say that in district Extramurs we got the tastiest free time ever.


Have you enjoyed our walk through this amazing district? We believe that Extramurs will soon become your new home away from home. How could you choose another location after having discovered this district? If you are looking for an accommodation, a shared flat in Extramurs is THE solution. A cheap housing solution in the city centre that will let you meet people from all over the world.

helpValencia and its columns will come back soon. Meanwhile, follow our adventure on Instagram and Twitter, like our posts, read our blog posts (if you have not done it yet) and stay tuned. Our to do list is over, our neighbourhood tour as well. We will miss you, but we will come back soon.


helpValencia “realtors’ team”