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Top five day trips

Top five day trips

Top five day trips or five gorgeous destinations close to Valencia. This is quite a news for our blog and we hope you will enjoy this post. Who knows, maybe we could create a “travel” column to bring you in some of the most enchanting parts of the country; we will write it down in our magic notebook.

Valencia is an unbelievably beautiful city and it offers many entertaining plans to its citizens. Nonetheless, you should find some time to discover other cities and little towns in Spain. Every single corner of this country is rich of history and treasures jewels from ancient times. This is the reason why we have decided to write this post and this is the reason why we have renovated our agenda. helpValencia wants you to live as many adventures as possible. Once you will come back home, you have to be able to say that you discovered not only Valencia, but also Spain.

Let’s not talk about your return, let’s talk about the arrival in your home away from home. If you are still looking for it, helpValencia suggests you to look for a shared flat. Why should you prefer this accommodation to a flat on your own? Shared flats are cheaper and this is great to save money for travelling. You can make immediately new acquaintances and this is good to have friends to travel with. You will learn new languages: this is highly valuated when you have to look for a job. As you can see, we suggest you a great housing solution.

However, it is time to go back to our TOP five day trips, five journeys to enjoy Valencia’s surroundings. Pack your lunch and a glass bottle of water, pick your documents and… let’s go!


Top five 


Do you remember the Punic Wars, Hannibal and the Romans? Well, this city is known for this episode. The first settlement dates back to the 5th BC and it has been ruled by the Romans, the Visigoths, the Muslims and, finally, by Spanish rulers. Do not miss to visit the remains of Sagunto Castle, the Roman theatre, the gothic church of St Mary in the Main Square, the Town Hall and the Old Jewish Quarter. One day may be enough to visit the historical jewel, but the entire weekend may be a good idea, too!


If you are travel lovers, you must have already heard about this Spanish little town, a real jewel treasured by mountains and valleys. What can you visit there? No doubt that you have to make a tour of the castle. Moreover, there are the breath taking views, the gardens and the black cave. Beside the city tour suggestions, we can provide you with the best period to visit Xàtiva. March and April (what a coincidence) are the perfect months to explore this city.


Along the Mediterranean coast, between wuthering heights, there is a paradise with a castle by the sea. This small town, very close to Valencia and reachable by bus or train, is gorgeous and worth a visit. We have mentioned a castle: the Knights Templar built it at the end of the XIII century and it has been the home of a pope. The other strength of this tiny town is the sea: the crystalline water and the peaceful beaches will make you spend a relaxing afternoon by the sea.


Famous for its microclimate and protected by the Serra de Bèrnia, Altea is one of the most appealing destinations of the Costa Blanca. One of the most characteristic things in Altea are the labyrinthine and narrow streets and their white houses. While enjoying the walk, you can enter in the church “Our Lady of Solace” with its white domes tiled with ceramics.  


This special town is farer in comparison with all the others; nonetheless, believe us, it is a jewel and sunsets are breath taking. Once you arrive in Cuenca, you will notice the old town that control the whole valley on the slopes. The first thing we suggest you to do is a walk to the viewpoint Cerro del Socorro. Enjoy the view and go back to the Saint Paul Bridge. Before crossing it, have a look at the Hanging Houses, the symbols of this beautiful little town. Once you get your fill of beauty, go to Plaza Mayor and take your time to visit the old Cathedral, the cloister and have a look at the Old Convent of Saint Paul.


Not to be excessive, but aren’t these destinations amazing? Unfortunately, we have not developed our skills to show you these places yet, but hopefully you will check the links and you will fall in love with cliffs, castles, villages, etc. We promise you that we will soon be ready to post pictures, too; we are working on it. These day trips will be a great chance to escape the big city, to discover something new, to spend time with your friends.

How to afford these day trips? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. As suggested above, shared flats will allow you to travel as much as you wish. By sharing rent and expenses, you can save money and invest it in trips, museums and other activities. Moreover, you will find travel mates as well: by living with other people, you will be part of a family and you will share many adventures.

Clearly, it is time to book our day trips. Where will you go first? Let us know by commenting our post or by mentioning us in your stories on Instagram (@help_accommodation). By the way, helpValencia wants to say goodbye with a quote by Jack Kerouac. See you soon!

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.”

Jack Kerouac