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Got a sweet tooth?

Got a sweet tooth?

Got a sweet tooth? Well, you certainly know that Christmassy sweet treats are the best part of December! As Christmas is coming soon, we have to provide you with a short list of sweet treats to bring back home or to taste during the Christmas dinner with your flatmates. Oh my word! We cannot wait to taste them and to share them with our beloved ones… We are in love with Christmas.

You can taste them in a cosy café or, even better, you can share them with your flat mates. This is one of the good things of shared flats: you can share amazingly tasty candies with new friends and enjoy a nice evening with them. This is the reason why we always suggest our readers to choose this kind of accommodation. Well, one of the reasons ahahah. Cups of tea, sweet polvorones and a nice movie: what a perfect combination! At least, our favourite way to spend these cold evenings. helpValencia offers you not just a shared flat, but also the chance to create great memories. Are we becoming redundant, aren’t we? Maybe it is better to cut the chase and go back to the topic of this blog post.

As you may have guessed, today’s hot topic is… sound of bells… the best sweet treats that you will ever taste in Valencia in December! Before starting this sweet journey with us, remember that a healthy diet and physical activity are the key for a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, physical activity has to be on your New Years’ resolutions list.

Since Christmas is coming, we should definitely taste all the delicious and traditional treats that Valencia offers us. This list is not complete, but, without any doubts, it entails some of the most common Christmas sweets. Are you ready for a mouth-watering journey?


Our Christmas treats...


This is our first suggestion! They are sugar panned almonds served to the guests during Christmas time. They are small and one lead to the other! Can you imagine a jar full of them? Maybe watching a Christmas movie. Terrific…

Coca Cristina

The ingredients of this super traditional Christmas cake made in Valencia are eggs, sugar, almonds and lemon peel. Of course, you can taste it during the entire year, but originally this sweet was eaten during Christmas holidays. If we had to rate this amazing treat, we would say 10/10! Do not miss the chance to taste it.

Pastissets de Moniato

This is another typical Christmas sweet that you can taste only in Valencia, at least the original one. This treat has Arab origins and it is stuffed with sweet potatoes. These small pies are delicious and they are perfect to share with your flat mates or with your family.

Nougat and Marzipan

The very first treat of our list is the traditional Turrón, nougat in English. It must be on your Christmas table! There is a little something for everyone in here: with white chocolate, with gin, with almonds or nuts, with caramel or salty, hard or soft, etc. Marzipan is another super tasty treat made in Spain: if you have never tasted it, please go out, buy it and dream!


The name is, let’s say, peculiar, but the taste is, let’s say, terrific! These treats are cookies and they get their name from the world “polvo”. Why? Well, these cookies tend to crumble into powder. You may have noticed them everywhere, at least if you live in Spain: they are those fancy sweets wrapped in colourful wax paper. This is brilliant to help you avoid eating thousands of them!



Have you already tasted these cadies? Do you know any other traditional treat? Let us know... helpValencia really hopes that these treats will be part of the movie nights with your flatmates, at least in December. We also hope that these holidays will be super sweet! To be honest, the entire year should be super sweet… Yes, we know, it is not healthy…

Christmas treats taste better if you share them with someone. What better way to have someone to share them with, than by living in a shared flat! As every single time we have the chance to do it, we suggest you to take into account this housing solution. If you decide to move to Valencia, do not hesitate to contact helpValencia, we will help you sharing your sweets ahahahah. By the way, keep in mind that we will always guide you through the hard choice of your accommodation by providing you with several renovated shared flats located right in the city centre.

It is time to say goodbye because… We really want to enjoy our break with some Neules… By the way, this is our last christmassy post. Sigh, sigh. We have really enjoyed writing about Christmas! 

See you soon with the last blog post of 2018 (this was a very bad spoiler, sorry).

Willy Wonka… ehm sorry, helpValencia team!