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Getting around… unconventionally!

Getting around… unconventionally!

We are not directly related to any of these companies and the information may change over time. They have been collected by helpAccommodation.

Getting around… unconventionally! How? With the brand new generation of public transports offered by the city of Valencia to its citizens. Forget about metro and bus, the way you go around the city will change forever!

Metro, busses and tramways have become too traditional and boring for us. Especially since big cities have developed other ways to let their citizens go from end to end. Valencia is one of them and offers us many different unconventional means of transports.

What do you know about this new generation of services? Maybe you are already experts and you spend your weekends on electric scooters. If that is the case, it should not be necessary to point out what follows. If you live in the city centre or not too far from it, these environmental friendly means of transports are extremely useful and handy. In this respect, we should do a little digression, the one that we particularly like to do (ahahah). Let’s talk about the flat hunting. Where should you look for your room? The choice of the location is extremely important in order to maintain a certain standard of living in Valencia. You have to select carefully the areas provided with adequate services and connections. helpValencia can help you in this difficult flat-hunting: do not miss our article about the districts and the best corners of Valencia.

By the way, we were talking about our unconventional means of transports… Should we return to the subject? I know you are curious, so…


Lime-S Electric Scooter

We really want to start with one of the most popular one! We are talking about the electric scooters, like the one we had when we were kids. Well, nearly! This one has a motor, you do not have to make any effort and it is fast. Have you ever seen one of them on the streets of Madrid? They are every day more common and you can “park” them everywhere. In order to use this public transport, you can download the app, look for the closest one, scan the code to unlock and lock up safely when you have finished. The unlock price is only 1 euro, but for any detailed info, check their web.


Always more and more cities offer this service. Paris is a very good example: you can ride all over the city and you will always find a station to store the bike. Valencia is no exception with its service Valenbisi, 2750 bicycles and 275 stations. The stations all around the city and hundreds of bikes at your disposal. We find it simply brilliant, especially because you do not have to worry about the place to put your bike once you come back home.


This is motorbike-sharing, guys! Electric scooter and bikes were not enough, so Valencia has opened its doors to another public transport. Those motorbikes are actually quite popular, they are everywhere, it is an invasion ahahah. All kidding aside, they are amazing to go from an end to the other of Valencia easily and fast. You lock and unlock it with your phone, there are two helmets, the insurance is included and it is sustainable. What are you waiting for?


These are just few of the many companies that manage scooter, bike and electric scooter sharing. We have selected some of the most popular ones, the ones that we notice every time we walk the streets of Valencia. There are many options to be sustainable, isn’t it? Well, we are waiting for the Segway sharing… we hope it will arrive soon!

If you live in the city centre or not too far from the university or your workplace, you can use them daily, save money and be sustainable. These three reasons are good enough to make you look for a shared flat in a good location. We know that we repeat always the same thing, but this flat detail is so important that you cannot forget about it. By living in the city centre, the advantages are great; trust us!

Our journey in this unconventional word is finished, but we will meet again soon to discover the public transport available in Valencia…

Let’s check the app to get an electric scooter. You guys, stay tuned!

See you soon.