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What you cannot miss in November!

What you cannot miss in November!

What you cannot miss in November… helpValencia has collected for you some of the most interesting, funny and tasty plans to enjoy this amazing city. Autumn is definitely arrived here: it rains, it is colder and summer is far far away (sigh, sigh). Nonetheless, we can have fun and we can spend great moments with our friends and flatmates. Are you ready for our “November Agenda”?

As many of you already know, helpValencia is here to support students and young workers before, during and after their stay in Valencia. How do we do this? By providing you great housing solutions, such as rooms in shared flats located in the city centre; assistance, as you can contact us whenever you need to; information and great plans: we constantly update our blog with news and tips and our social networks will make you discover some of the most beautiful secret corners here!

Why are we always suggesting you to choose carefully the location of your new flat? Because we are convinced that, by living in well-connected areas, you can get the most out of your stay in Valencia. Go out and explore, go out and have fun, go out and be part of the city: this is the best way to live an unforgettable experience.

From your accommodation to the best events, we take care of you. So, remember to stay tuned and keep following us. And now, the long sought-after agenda. Take note!





11-13 November_This is one of the most important food festivals of the city. It lasts three days and, believe us, they will be the tastiest days of your life. Besides good food and tapas, a contest for the best pizza of Valencia will take place… As we are in love with good pizzas, you will find us there… Will you come?

The best bread in Valencia 

We love good bread! What about you? We guess the answer… Let’s see… You do! It is always harder to find good bread in big cities. Luckily, we can suggest you three bakery that make the best bread of Valencia. Take note: Horno San Bartolomé, Panaderia Horno Valbent and La Pastisseria. Enjoy!




Vida quitidiana i franquismo

This temporary exhibition is about the life during franquismo, the period of the totalitarian regime of Francisco Franco. What will you experience during your visit? You will have the chance to discover all the ordinary objects used during the dictatorship. Everyone should know one of the darkest chapter of the Spanish history.

Capilla Bizantina de la Beneficencia

This is another charming treasure of Valencia. It is actually a cultural centre that hosts exhibitions, events and amazing rooms, like this chapel. There are actually four days available to visit this magnificent masterpiece by taking part to a musical event: the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th November. Save the dates and live a unforgettable artistic experience.




Forever Michael Jackson

14-18 November_Valencia is one of the lucky European cities that will host this amazing musical. Needless to say, you cannot miss these dates. Suggest your friends this event and buy the tickets… Hurry up; it will be certainly sold out soon!

Bohemian Rhapsody

It is not a concert, nor a musical, nor a theatre performance. What is this? One single and simple word: a movie. Yes, in order to enjoy the amazing work by Queen, you have simply to go to the cinema. Do not miss this chance!


This month is going to be great! Do not you think so? Cup of tea, popcorn, TV series, Gastronoma. Which is the secret ingredient to enjoy autumn? Not living alone… By living in a shared flat, with other students or people of your age, you will always find something entertaining to do. Therefore, the first very important step to plan an unforgettable stay abroad is your accommodation or, better, your home away from home.

Do not miss the next blog posts, we will write about many interesting things: neighbourhoods, public transports, restaurants, Spanish language, many agendas, many events… We do not want to spoiler too much, but you will be entertained with us (we promise).

Our column will come back soon, but for now… Enjoy November!

Your helpValencia Team

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