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All crazy for… Valencia and its museums!

All crazy for… Valencia and its museums!

Valencia and its museums, many chances to learn new thing and to enjoy the city even more. As we are culture and museums enthusiasts, we have decided to mention some of the most important museums of Valencia. For all the readers that are not familiar with the city, we hope that this article will help you sorting out all the interesting museums that you can visit in Valencia.

Whether it is a sunny day or a rainy day, you are alone or with your friends, it is always time to visit a museum and immerse yourself in culture. If you live close to one of them, you are even more motivated to go visit the exhibitions more often. As we always suggest to our readers, the location of your room is of paramount importance. By choosing the shared flat close in the best neighbourhoods of Valencia, you will always have many entertaining activities to do, such as going to a new exhibition of your favourite museum. Even close services and good connections will ease your life in Valencia. In order to get the most out of your stay, have a look at our column about Valencia and its neighbourhoods… It will help you finding your accommodation!

Let’s go back to our topic: the cultural offer in Valencia. Permanent collections, temporary exhibitions, the offer is so wide, that you will never get bored. helpValencia helps you to stay informed by advising you of all the new cultural activities available in the city. New exhibition? Have a look at our agenda of the month and check if there are new ones. Museums in a specific area? Look for the neighbourhood in our column and check it.

So, no way to get bored and no way to miss the last exhibitions. Should we list the museums? We think it is time to do it ahahah We always stray a lot, but we love to chat with you!


City of Arts and Sciences

This is our first suggestion and for more than one reason! This breath-taking architectural heritage is a great place both for a walk and for a cultural afternoon. The architect Santiago Calatrava has designed it and it delights tourists and local since 1996. The aquarium displays many marine species and there is a science museum (as you may guess). This is something you cannot and you will not miss, if you live in Valencia or you pass by for a quick visit.

Ceramics Museum

The National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative arts is worth a mention. The name tells you already all you need to know about it. It showcases ceramics of Valencia, porcelains and decorative objects. Furthermore, the location is amazing: A rococo style palace refurbished in the 18th century.

Museum of Fine Arts

We love art. And you? If you are an art lover just like us, you cannot miss this museum. It will be an enchanting visual journey of the Valencia’s artistic background from the 14th century to the present times. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, ancient remains… a beauty full immersion that you must experience more than once!

The Fallas Museum

If you live in Valencia, this is one of the museums that you should visit. It is the symbol of one of the most important traditions in Valencia: the San Josè celebrations. What are the Fallas? A Falla is a satirical monument made of inflammable materials raised in the main streets and squares of the city during the celebrations that take place on March. Oh, by the way, the countdown has begun: 140 days left!

Museo Taurino

This is the name of the museum opened in 1923. It showcases many collections about the bullfighting in Valencia and they are donations of Luis Moróder Peiró and José Bayard Badila. This museum is one of the oldest and most important in Spain. Even though you are not a fan of Corrida, you should definitely have a walk in this museum.

The Rice Museum

The last suggestion we will share with you today is the rice museum. Useless to say, you must visit its original exhibition. You are in the city of Paella, after all! The location is an old mill (so evocative) that was working until the 1970 and you will experience how rice was processed and produced… Let’s go!


Our brief list ends here, but you will discover more and more exhibition by living in the city. Valencia has such a wide cultural offer, that it is impossible not to find something you are interested in. From rice to ceramics, from bulls to sculptures, you are spoilt for choice.

The location of your shared flat plays a central role when it comes to be informed about the cultural offer of Valencia. Remember to check carefully the web and find the information you need before looking for your new home away from home. helpValencia will be glad to help you with the search of your accommodation. We are working hard to provide you all the information you may need about neighbourhoods, flat search, services, connections and much more!

It’s time to say goodbye… We wish you nice cultural afternoons!


helpValencia Team