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"MetroValencia", this is the name of the subway in Valencia, is one of the main public transports of the city: 9 lines that connect the entire city centre and the suburbs. When you start using it, you realize how efficient it is and, well, it will become your best friend during rainy or windy days. As you’ll use it a lot, helpValencia has decided to provide you some basics. Ready?

Our main suggestion is to use this article when you will have to look for your new room. By selecting a shared flat close to a metro station, you will save time and you will have more chances to reach your friends on time. What do you have to do? Collect information about the location of the flat, check the services and follow our tips… Easy and effective: you cannot go wrong!

Next stop? A brief description of some of the most important lines of the metro in Valencia. They are not necessary the ones you will take every day to go to the university, to go to work or to hang out with your flat mates. We have decided to select few lines that may be helpful during your stay, to visit the city and to go to the airport. It is time now to uncover all the lines and their most important stations of MetroValencia.



We have selected for you 3 lines, the line 3, the line 4 and the line number 5. Nonetheless, all the other lines connect important parts of the city and, as you will experience directly, you will use all of them at least once during your stay. Cutting the chase, let us explain you the reason why you have to keep an eye on these lines.

LINE 3_ This one will be probably the first one you will take the day of your arrival. It connects the airport to the city centre and covers two fare zones: the A and the B. Every time you will want to go in the Ciutat Vella, this line will be your best friend. Take notes!

LINE 4_ This line connects the inner part of Valencia and its suburbs to the seaside and the University. One line, many important stops: after a particularly hard day of classes, you can relax starring at one of those beautiful sunsets of Valencia.

LINE 5_ As the line 3, the green line may be your choice the day of your arrival. Why? It connects the airport to the beach La Malvarrosa… From the plane to the sea, one way!

Something is missing… here a map to check all the lines and all the stations of MetroValencia. By the way, you’ll find the information you need on their webpage.


Ticket and memberships

And now, let’s talk about the budget.

As we already mentioned, before your departure, you should carefully think about your monthly budget. One of the voices that you have to take into account is the Public Transports Fares. helpValencia is here to guide you through this planning by providing you some information about fares and alternative means of transports (have a look at our article about the bike sharing service in Valencia).

Cutting the chase, let’s have a look at the fares of MetroValencia. The first thing you need to know is that there are four different zones (A,B,C,D). If your shared flat is located in a good central zone, for example, you won’t need to pay till the zone C or D. So, let’s suppose that your room is in relatively central.

The single ticket would cost between 1,50 and 2,10 euros. The memberships have different prices according to the one that you need (from 45 euros). By the way, if you are under 30, you can have a 15% discount.

For detailed information, please check this link and ask directly in one of their offices.


Our suggestion? When you look for your room in Valencia, check carefully if there is a metro station close to the flat. It doesn’t matter if you have a bike or an electric scooter; if it rains or you have to go far away, the subway will be your first choice! If you need help, remember that you can always count on us. Keep following our blog and you will collect important information about location, services, transports and many other things.

Stay tuned!