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Valencia by bike

Valencia by bike

We are not directly related to the bike sharing company and the information may change over time. They have been collected by helpAccommodation.

Bike or bus, subway or tramway: that is the question! Bikes, as much as cycle tracks, become every day more common in Valencia. This healthy lifestyle is changing the habits of thousands of citizens. But let’s discover this eco mean of transport.

When it comes to public transports, we always look at efficiency, speed, affordability. Bus and subway are without any doubt the most used means of transport in big cities such as Madrid, Milan, Barcelona, London, etc. Do we have any other option?

Some cities has developed a new system of public transports, environmental friendly and healthy. Several stations all around the city and hundreds of bikes at your disposal. We find it simply brilliant, especially because you don’t have to worry about the place to put your bike once you come back home or when you are at the university. Moreover, the maintenance is not your problem!

There are always more and more cities that offer this service. Paris is a very good example: you can ride all over the city and you’ll always find a station to store the bike. Valencia is no exception with its service Valenbisi, 2750 bicycles and 275 stations. If you follow our suggestions and rent your room in the city centre or in a good neighbourhood, you may not need to take the subway. You will keep fit and you will contribute to create a less polluted city.


How does it work?

Back to the bike service, how does it work? Reporting the words used on the web “Simplicity, comfort and speed define Valenbisi” ( Let’s have a look at the details.

In order to use this service you need either a long-term transport card (annual membership) or a ticket charged on your transport card “Mobilis”. As the long term transport card arrives more or less in three weeks, you can charge your annual membership on the transport card “Mobilis”, too (if you have one, of course).


Long Term Transport Card

We focus now just on the annual membership. Why? Because it is convenient, very convenient. Unlimited trips for one year for just 29,21 and you will start to pay after the first thirty minutes. This little detail may make this offer less attractive, but:

  • If you choose this mean to go to the university or to go to work, you’ll rarely have to ride more than 30 minutes (of course, you have to select carefully the area of your shared flat).
  • If the trip is supposed to last more than 30 minutes, you can split your itinerary in two parts by storing the bike in a station and taking another one.

Subscribe directly from the dedicated page on the web, fill the form and choose the pin that you will use every time you will use the service. Finally pay… Easy, isn’t it?


How to get you bicycle

We have simplified the procedure by dividing it in simple and quick steps.

STEP 1_Find a terminal with enough bikes (well, one is enough).

STEP 2_Log with your Long Term Card.

STEP 3_Enter you PIN code.

STEP 4_Select the bike.

STEP 5_Go to the selected stand and press the unlocking button on the stand of your bike. Do it quickly, you have only 60 seconds to do it (for security reasons).

Tip: Before going to the terminal and select the bike, have a look at the condition of the bike. They have maintenance, but a breakdown may always occur.


How to return the bike

There is nothing easier. You have just to look for the closest station with available stands and wait for the audio signal. Once you hear it, the bike is locked and you can go to the classes or go to work. Attention! If you do not hear the signal, the count continues and you'll have to pay. So, try again and, if it doesn’t work, contact the Call Center.


Bikes are an excellent alternative to metro or bus. They are healthy for you and good for the environment. Of course, it’s not always possible to use this mean of transport, due to the long distances or to the huge streets that you have to cross before reaching the city centre. That’s why we always suggest to look for your new room in a well-connected area and in the city centre. If you live close to the places you’re interested in, you can easily reach them by bike.

What have we learned today? A lot about Valenbisi, this great service that Valencia offers to its citizens. In order to know more about it, the annual memberships, the stations, etc, check their web. Here the link.

 All we can do now is… ride our bikes!