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What you cannot miss in August!

What you cannot miss in August!

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We know you were wondering what you cannot miss in August. Don’t worry, we’ve got it figured out. This month in our agenda we have…

But wait, before you can think about what you want to do this month, you need to think about your budget. Along with your budget, have you considered which neighborhood you want to live in? Each neighborhood has different traditions and vibes, so you may want to check them all out before deciding. Once you know which neighborhood you want to live in, you need to find an accommodation. A shared flat may be the best option for you because they can help you save money and let you meet other new people to the city. These people could become some of your closest friends and they may want to go along with you on your journeys. 



28 August - La Tomatina: Just 30 kilometers away from Valencia is a small town, Buñol. This little town holds the legendary event La Tomatina, a massive food fight where everyone involved hurls tomatoes through the streets. Don’t forget to wear white when you go and remember, if there is any centimeter of you not covered in red, you know you did something wrong. 


Tuesdays nights in August - Nights at the Hemisfèric: Held in the City of Arts and Sciences, this live session in the planetarium has a guide explaining constellations and stellar phenomena in the summer sky. Following the presentation, sip drinks in the perimeter ring of the Hemisféric. 



To Eat


  • Casa Montaña: Established in 1836, this restaurant is has passed though many hands but remains a popular spot among politicians and artists. Though expensive, the long history of this place, along with the quality of its food, make it well worth the visit. 



To Watch


  • Stranger Things: Season three of this US show came out on the 4th of July this year, adding 8 more episodes to the popular fantasy show. Somewhere between science fiction, drama, and horror, this show follows a group of friends in the 80s dealing with circumstances way outside of their league. 


To Visit


  • Sagunto: This ancient town north 30 kilometers north of Valencia houses a walled hilltop fortress and history of two thousand years. The structures here are remains of what was once a Roman city. The easiest route here is a short 30 minute drive from Valencia, perfect for a last minute day trip if you’re looking for a way out of the city. 



Don’t throw away any of your time in July; make the most of this summer. T
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