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First Foods to try in Valencia

First Foods to try in Valencia

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We are back again with another entry in our tasty column. Today we’re going to talk about some of the first Valencian foods you have to try if you’re a newcomer to the city.

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Next, you need to decide where you want to live in the city. Don’t worry, we’ve made this easy for you by listing out the neighborhoods of Valencia with information on museums in the area, what you can do in your free time, and the services available nearby. Now that you’re ready to move in, let’s talk about the first foods you should try in Valencia. 


Paella – Probably the most famous Spanish food, paella is well known around the world and originated in Valencia. Though you may assume paella is always made with seafood, paella valenciana is actually always made with chicken and rabbit on a bed of rice with beans. Paella de marisco is probably what you typically think of when you hear paella, with shrimp, mussels, and other seafood. 


Fideuá – Our second recommendation is another seafood dish originating in Valencia. Fideuá is a dish very similar to paella de marisco, except it’s made with noodles instead of rice. Like paella, this dish is made in a wide, flat frying pan and has shrimp, mussels, and occasionally other seafoods. 


Arròs Negre – Another rice-based meal, arròs negre is a Valencian dish made in a similar way to paella. The main difference here is the stark black color of the whole meal. Instead of shrimp and mussels, the main protein of arrós negre is usually cuttlefish. Cuttlefish (or squid) ink is mixed with the fish stock before being added to the rice here, giving this meal its signature black color. 


Arròs al Forn – If you hadn’t noticed, Valencians love their rice. Arròs al forn (arroz al horno in spanish) is a baked rice dish made with tomato, onion sausage, and garlic, made in a clay pot. Some variations of this dish include pieces of pork, potatoes, chickpeas, meatballs, or dried turnips and beans. 


Horchata and Fartons – For out last option today, we are going to mix things up and go for a desert. Horchata in Valencia is different from what you here of in Mexico; it is a sweet drink made from ground tiger nuts rather than rice. Fartons are a sweet bread served alongside the drink, glazed with sugar. This spongey bread is meant to be dipped into the horchata. 


That’s all we have for our tasty column today, hope you found something to look forward to trying in Valencia! Remember that if you’re still looking for a room in the city, a shared flat may be the best option for you. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, feel free to leave a comment for us here. Thanks for reading!


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