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Chiringuitos in Valencia

Chiringuitos in Valencia

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Still don’t know how to calm down the heat? Today we’re going to take a look at a few beach chiringuitos in Valencia. Have you ever walked down the beach and noticed the small, open air restaurant/bars in the sand, the ones with music playing and people laughing? These are chiringuitos; small establishments on the beach that typically sell simple things like drinks and tapas. This word can refer to things from seasonal huts to full blown, year-round restaurants. Because of their great location, chiringuitos offer an attractive way to spend your time on the beach grabbing a cold drink or a bite to eat if you’re not nearby your room. 


Are you looking for a room in Valencia? If so, have you considered a shared flat in the city? These are a great way to lower your cost of living and quickly meet new people in Valencia. With these new friends, you can take part in crazy events, try out good food, discover secret spots, and spend time visiting the best chiringuitos on the beach. 


A short walk up and down the Valencian beach will show you all the options available to you, but why walk around in the sun when you’re hungry when you can plan ahead and hang out just feet away from your stop. With this blog in our getting around column, we hope to help you find your next beachside drink. Let’s dive into it. 

Up first on our walk down the beach is Calipso Chiringuito. Filling the summer with live music and DJs, Calipso has cemented their place on the beach. If you’re interested in the music they play, check out their events page to see an extensive list of their upcoming performers. If not, just give it a try for their delicious drinks and tapas.


If you’re looking for a small, personal experience, go to Salty Warung Patacona. This place by the water offers cool drinks for you to grab to stave off the heat of the day. Grab a quick drink with your friends, mix with the other guests at the bar, then get back to your game of beach volleyball in no time. 


On the northern side of the beach, head to Chiringuito Elocho for a healthy sandwich or fruit smoothie. After 6 pm, stop by for some music and fun. Whether you’re hungry or just looking for a drink, Elocho can get you what you need. 


La Más Bonita Chiringuito sets itself apart by offering the whole experience. If you want to sit on a reclining chair by the water with a drink in your hand, La Más Bonita can give you that. If you want a spot at a table or on the couch, La Más Bonita can give you that. Offering a complete breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, stop by whenever you want and they’ll have your back. 


Paella, tapas, a variety of cold drinks; our last stop of the day, Chiringuito PataSur, has it all. If you want a natural juice smoothie or a cocktail, PataSur can provide. Take a seat in their shade for a break from the sun, grab a dish of paella, and enjoy this time with your friends. 

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of just a few chiringuitos along the beaches of Valencia. When you decide to head out for a day at the beach, don’t worry too much about finding the perfect chiringuito for you to stop at; there are plenty of amazing places all down that beach that would make for a great afternoon. Thank you for reading our blog today! Check back next week for some tasty tips. 


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