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Vegetarian Gastro-Route

Vegetarian Gastro-Route

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As you may notice, vegetarian is one of the main foodie trends in the last years. It might be an ethical choice, or a healthy one; but whether you are vegetarian or not, you should try some new, interesting and extremely tasty dishes! And Valencia, as it’s the third largest city in Spain, is fully loaded with vegetarian restaurants. When you move to a new city it can sometimes be difficult to find a place to eat that matches your dietary restrictions, but, surprisingly, Valencia makes it simple. Today we’re going to walk through a few vegetarian focused restaurants in Valencia to make you feel more at home in the city.

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Here are just a few vegetarian joints in the city, from fun twists on classic tapas to international vegetarian cuisine.


We’ll start with Ana Eva, a vegetarian restaurant with 30 years of experience. This restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday for lunch and dinner and offers meals utilizing ingredients grown in their personal garden. All of their dishes are also cooked by baking or steaming in order to retain the highest nutritional value possible. Ana Eva is located in the Extramurs neighborhood of Valencia, just east of the Jardi Botánic de Valencia.

Up next, we move on to Restaurante Copenhagen, one of three restaurants owned by Grupo Copenhagen. All three of their restaurants are vegetarian focused and located within Valencia. The beautiful modernist designs of their building are mimicked by their stunning international dishes. Copenhagen is a unique experience located in the neighborhood of Ruzafa, one of the hippest areas in the city.

If you’re going with a mixed group, try out Restaurante Navarro, a restaurant providing traditional Valencian cuisine since 1951. This restaurant utilizes fresh products from local markets to offer food that anyone can enjoy.  They even offer a vegetarian paella for those looking for the famous Spanish meal. Navarro can be found in the city center in the Ciutat Vella neighborhood, but don’t forget they are only open from Monday to Saturday for lunch.

Another restaurant by the Grupo Copenhagen, Malmö, was selected as one of the 35 most Beautiful restaurants in the world by Travelers magazine. This restaurant uses the same minimalistic architecture and design to create a beautiful landscape for your meal. Malmö infuses vegetarian Japanese cuisine with Mediterranean dishes to bring us all a unique vegan experience. They also offer 25 Valencian craft beers for your pleasure. Like Restaurante Copenhagen, Malmö can be found in the Ruzafa area.

The last vegetarian restaurant we will stop by today is La Tasta Olletes, a must-try location since 2002. With influences from around the world, the chefs at La Tasta Olletes provide fresh tastes using healthy local ingredients. Whether you want a plate of tapas or a three-course meal, this restaurant can make you something delicious. If you want to try it out, head to the northern side of Ciutat Vella.

With this small list of vegetarian restaurants, we have shown you just a taste of what Valencia has to offer. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment for us here. Students, don’t forget to check out the shared flats available within the city so you can find new friends to try out all of the food in the area. Have a great day!


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