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5 Valencian Salads

5 Valencian Salads

Hello guys,

We are back with our tasty column and since the hot season is here, we want to provide you with 5 delicious and super-fast recipes to prepare Valencian salads and to get ready for this Spring/Summer season.

How many of you are going to have picnics by the beautiful beach or to host a cool dinner in your shared flat with all your friends and flatmates? Well, these are the fesh suggestions you were looking for to impress all your guests in such an easy way!

The recipes we are about to reveal here are fast, healthy, easy to do (keeping all the flavour), but, most of all, muy valencianas, since they’re filled with typically Valencian ingredients.

So, get ready and fasten your apron!

1. Espencat
This salad is prepared with red pepper, cod and eggplants cooked in the oven, what makes it healthy and light. It’s a traditional dish in the Valencian community and you can easily add a lot of ingredients such as: cooked egg, pine nuts, capers or olives...all ingredients that enrich the dish with a delicious flavour!

2. Esgarraet
The red pepper is the main character once again! It’s an ideal vegetable thanks to its high amount of vitamins A and C, perfect to nourish your body and spoil it at the same time.
Moreover, you can add some salted fish, typical products in our region and a perfect supplement to this dish. Cod or dried tuna, with some salt, will offset the sweet flavour of the pepper. And you can put a dash of olive oil as a delicious topping. 

3. Ensalada Valenciana
Another typical and healthy spanish salad, thanks to lettuce benefits: it’s detoxifying, diuretic and antioxidant. Then, the cucumbers and the tomatoes will add the freshness you’re looking for. Moreover, you can add onion, perfect for the cardiovascular system. In order to complete the dish, add some olives, tuna, egg and cornfield.

4. Tomate con Ajitos
Super simple and easy: its main ingredients are tomato and garlic and you just have to add some regional olive oil and a dash of vinegar. You can eat it both as a main or a side dish.

5. Ensalada de pulpo con arroz
The main characters of this extremely delicious salad are: octopus and wild rice, typical Valencian ingredients. The base is the wild rice, a great solution to provide energy to your body...especially on hot days! Then, you have to add carrots, tomatoes and more...some aubergines, onion and a little touch of sweet paprika.
This salad recipe is indeed healthy and delicious!


Now you’re ready to invite your international friends in your shared flat and gather around a table full healthy salads! From May till the end of the summer, fill up on the season’s finest with these quick, easy and seriously delicious recipes!


See you soon,
Your helpValencia team