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What you cannot miss in April!

What you cannot miss in April!

What you cannot miss in April! This sentence means that our agenda is back. We are back with many events, we are back with our favourites, with interesting novels, an interesting movie and much more. We are back to make your April amazing, we are back so that you can get the most out of your stay in Valencia and the most out of your stay in your cosy shared flat.

We are ready to welcome April and its sunny days and, despite the seasonal allergies, we cannot wait to enjoy spring in Valencia. Its parks, the seaside, the events… If you are in Valencia since weeks, we do not have to convince you that moving here has been a very good choice. If you are still thinking about moving abroad and you are reading this blog to collect information about Valencia, make the right choice and move to Valencia. It is as easy as a walk in the park:

  1. First step, plan your budget.
  2. Second, choose your neighbourhood.
  3. Third, look for your shared flat.

Have we mentioned a shared flat? Yes, we did. Why? Because shared flats are the best housing solution for students and young workers who decide to move abroad. There many reasons and we have listed them so many times that we can repeat them all together.

  1. You can share the expenses
  2. You can practice Spanish or English
  3. You will meet international people.

International friends. Friends to spend some unforgettable months in Valencia. Friends to travel around Spain. Spain to discover the city and take part in the events we will list below. After this “ranking” game, we can go back to our agenda and begin with a calendar of entertaining events.


Events and more


6 April_”Pillow fight”: are you ready for some of the funniest Pillow fight you will ever have? It will take place in Valencia and we will be there with our pillows, ready to have fun and enjoy 15 minutes of laughter. Where? Plaza de la Virgen. When? At 18.30.

11-14 April_LABdeseries: this April will be the best April of your life ahahah. Not just a pillow fight, but also a TV series Festival organised by the Institut Valenciá de Cultura. If you are a great fan of TV series, you cannot miss this festival.

13 April_”Harry Potter, the exhibition”: Are you a Potterhead? Have missed the exhibition in Madrid? This is your chance to experience Hogwarts and discover all the secret corners of the most famous School of Magic. You have time until July, but we had to announce this great exhibition.

Komori: Last, but not least, our tasty plan. Komori is a Japanese restaurant and, apparently, one of the tastiest in Valencia. If you do not want to cook during the weekend or to go to the grocery shop, you know where to go.


 March favourites


To read

  • Stoner by John Williams: we have discovered this Williams’ novel only recently and we could not stop reading it. The protagonist of this page-turning book is an English literature scholar and professor. His life flows slowly and nothing relevant seems to happen till… We do not want to spoiler more details, but this story of ineptitude is worth your time and may be a good way to approach American literature. (ES)
  • Los años de Allende by Rodrigo y Carlos Reyes: we are not into graphic novels, as we prefer pages of descriptions and large novels. Nonetheless, we have appreciated the work by Carlos Reyes and Rodrigo, especially because of the topic. Even though we knew about the political personality of Salvador Allende, we ignored the details of his governance. If you are curious and you appreciate drawings, this graphic novel may be perfect for you. Moreover, if you do not master Spanish, you will not have many problems reading it (drawings help and there is only few text). (ES)


To watch

  • China Gate: we are suggesting only old films, we are sorry! Actually, we are not. If you have easy access to new films because of the Oscars, festivals and advertising, it may be more difficult to run into old masterpieces. The film is set during the French Indochina War and it talks about the story of a group of French Foreign Legion mercenaries that infiltrate to destroy an arms depot of the enemy.
  • Twin Peaks: vintage is the key word of today’s “To watch” suggestions. This mystery horror drama series dates back 1990 and, after the great success of the first season, it ended after a less popular second season. In 2017, Lynch and Frost decided to continue the series. Wait, we missed to tell you the plot… a murder of a young girl, mysteries and anxiety.


To eat

  • Paella Valenciana: Raise your hand if you have already tasted tons of paellas! Do you know the original recipe of one of the most famous Spanish foods? Rice, chicken, rabbit, beans, lima beans, saffron and tomato. Know you know what to order when you will go to the Restaurante El Racò de la Paella.


To visit

  • Altea: this is one of the most appealing destinations of the Costa Blanca, famous for its microclimate and protected by the Serra de Bèrnia. One of the most characteristic things in Altea are the labyrinthine and narrow streets and their white houses. Do not miss to enter in the church “Our Lady of Solace” with its white domes tiled with ceramics.


April is going to be an unforgettable experience for many of us and we like to think that our agendas contribute to make your stay in Valencia as perfect as possible. We have loved looking for events and we have enjoyed every single “Favourite” that we have suggested (it cannot flop!).

There is nothing left than take advantage of the Valencian offer and waiting for our next blog post. Talking about blog posts, we have many plans in store for you: a neighbourhood tour, a tasty Easter menu and much more… Therefore, stay tuned!

As always, it has been a great pleasure spend some time with you and we cannot wait to come back with other plans and other suggestions.

See you in May,

helpValencia team