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It’s all about style!

It’s all about style!

It’s all about style! No, we are not talking about fashion. We are talking about writing. Actually, this month we will suggest you some phrases to write a perfect letter or email in Spanish. Formal or informal, you need some basics to begin writing e-mails in this amazing language. Enjoy our new blog post of the "Spanish language” column.

Our “Spanish language” column is still young and we do not have the chance to post it every month. Nonetheless, we strive to provide you with some suggestions and phrases that are supposed to be helpful when you will arrive in Valencia. This is the case once again, with some guidelines to write e-mails or letters.

Some guidelines to write both formal and informal letters and e-mail (we are old school. Therefore, we prefer letters ahahah). Especially when we are beginners, we need some guidelines to address correctly to the recipient.  As we are not native speakers, we have looked at some of the hundreds of websites that describe both the formal and the informal style. We have collected some of the most relevant phrases and we divided them into three sections: “How to begin”, “Body of a letter” and “How to end”. In that way, you will not have to look around your shared flat waiting for the e-mail translation of your Spanish friend! Actually, if you live in a shared flat, you may be lucky enough and have a Spanish roommate… Good reason to choose this accommodation, right?

Cut the chatter! It is time to write down some useful phrases to begin and end your formal or informal letters and e-mails. Because, it’s all about style




How to begin

A quien corresponda, = To whom it may concern (if you do not know the recipient)

Estimado señor y señora …, = Dear Sir or Madam

Estimado Sr. / Sra. / Srta. …, = Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms.


Body of a letter

Mi nombre es… y soy... = My name is...

Escribo de parte de... = I am writing on behalf of...

Adjunto encontrará… = Attached please find…

Le escribo para… = I am writing to…

Lo/la estoy contactando sobre… = I am reaching out regarding...

Gracias por su asistencia con este asunto = Thank you for your assistance in this matter

Quedo a la espera de ricibir noticias suyas tan pronto le sea posible = I look forward to hearing from you at your ealiest convenience

Por favor no dude en contactarme si necesita más informaciónes = Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information


How to end

Saludos cordials, = Best regards,

Cualquier cosa estoy a su disposición = I am available should you have any question

Quedo a la espera de sus noticias, = Looking forward to your reply,

Cordialmente, = Yours sincerely,

Muchísimas gracias, = Thank you very much,





How to begin

Hola…, = Hi…,


Body of a letter

Te escribo porque = I’m writing you because

Tanto tempo sin hablarnos = Long time no talk

¿Cómo te va? = How are you doing?

Espero que estes bien = Hope you are doing well

Encantado de ayudarte = Happy to help

¡Nos vemos! = See you!


How to end

Un saludo, = Cheers,

Saludos, = Bests,

Seguimos en contacto, = Let’s keep in touch,

Espero saber de ti pronto, = Hope to hear from you soon,

Besos, = Love,

Hablamos pronto, = Talk soon,

Mantente en contacto, = Keep in touch,

Muchas gracias, = Many thanks,


Well, now you can begin that e-mail that you have procrastinated because you did not know how to begin it. We find this information extremely important, especially if you are not fluent in Spanish and you have to move to Valencia soon. With these style tips, you will be able to send both formal and informal e-mails.

You can use these guidelines not only to send e-mails to your professors or your landlord. You can use them to arrange a meeting with your friends or to write something informal to your flatmates. Talking about flatmates, have you already found the shared flat of your dreams? We usually suggest this accommodation because it is extremely helpful when it comes to train a foreign language. Living with people from all over the world means the need of speaking a common foreign language. As you are in Valencia, Spanish may be a good choice! Therefore, you know what to choose when it comes to an accommodation, a shared flat.

It is already time to say goodbye, but we will come back soon and, for sure, we will come back next week with another fresh-baked blog post. Remember, follow these guidelines because it’s all about style! (Imagine us as great winking influencers ahahah)