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What you cannot miss in March

What you cannot miss in March

What you cannot miss in March, or some plans and favourites selected by helpValencia. Dear readers, it is that time of the year when you can discover amazing new things thanks to our agenda. Moreover, spring is coming and the seaside is close… Draw your own conclusions! On the other hand, if you are a winter animal, these are the last days to enjoy a warm blanket, a hot cup of tea and many sugary treats.

Whether you are in the spring team or in the winter team, this month will be unforgettable. Positivity, this is the way we will begin this new monthly adventure with you. January resolutions, February love, March positivity. We have not done it on purpose, but we may actually begin every month with a mood or a topic… We will work on it ahahah.

Moods and topic aside, we should definitely provide you with our suggestions… Just to begin the month on the right foot. The very first thing we would like to talk about is the accommodation: which kind of accommodation is the perfect for you? It depends on your needs, of course, but, if you are a student or a young worker, shared flats may be the most valuable solutions to spend some months away from home.

The second suggestion is about the location. When you are looking for a flat (shared or not), value the location according to some criteria such as services, public transports, closeness to the city centre and quality of life. In this respect, helpValencia has created the “neighbourhoods” column, several posts that describe some of the best areas in Valencia.

Dear readers, we are ready to begin a super positive March together. Take a load off and enjoy our plans and our favourites (we are actually in love with this section).

 Events and more


1-3 March_Valencia Fest 2019: music, food and wine, nice combo isn’t it? Kidding aside, this is a great opportunity to discover new artists and enjoy some good music. No doubt that this is the right way to begin March.

Until 10 March_Valencia Culinary Festival: tuck in! Let the festival season begin ahahah. We know it is a little bit early, but March is a good month to inaugurate this season. Moreover, there is not a better way to do it than with food. Some of the most important Spanish and international chefs are waiting for you…

Until 15 March_Exposiciòn del Ninot 2019: hosted in the beautiful City of art and science, this exhibition is perfect to prepare yourself to Las Fallas. Actually, more than a traditional collection, this is a competition: among the 700 statues, some of them will be elected to be burned; the others will be hosted in the Museo Fallero.

14 March-19 March_Las Fallas: take a deep breath and prepare yourself to the most traditional and amazing event in Valencia. Actually, you cannot say that you have lived in Valencia, if you have not experienced Las Fallas at least once.


 March Favourites


To read

  • The importance of being Earnest by Oscar Wilde: an interesting and hilarious farce that will entertain you for an evening (unfortunately it is as brilliant as brief). This play is one of the most popular works by Oscar Wilde and it depicts the importance of institutions like marriage during the Victorian age with a satiric accent. Are you ready to meet Jack, Gwendolyn and Cecily? (EN)
  • Don Quixote by Cervantes: we could not make a better choice. Actually, if you have to spend some months in Spain, you cannot miss to read this classic of Spanish literature. This comic and tragic novel is one of the foundations of modern literature and the language is quite difficult, therefore, if you decide to read it in Spanish, be sure that your level is high enough. Live a peculiar adventure and discover the Mancha with the noble Quixote and his squire Sancho Panza (ES).

To watch

  • The Kid: few weeks ago, we wanted to spend a pleasant evening all together, but it was cold and we did not know what to do. We have crossed this tiny theatre and we have decide to give a chance to this film. We did it right, Charlie Chaplin never let you down! To sum up in few world, a tramp, Charlot, finds an abandoned baby and adopt him. We do not want to spoiler anything so… just watch the first full-length film directed by Charlie Chaplin, one of the funniest and most touching films we have ever seen
  • Westworld: have you ever thought about the limits of technology? Well, forget about them and discover another world, Westworld. Great direction, great plot, great cast, great locations, great everything. We wish we could tell you more about this science fiction, but we do not want to ruin one of its strengths, the twists and turns. Thank you HBO for this TV series, two seasons of suspense.

To eat

  • Federal Café:  tasty food and a nice location. Perfect if you want to work drinking a nice cappuccino or to spend a nice afternoon with your friends. Have we already mentioned the food? Ahahah You may have understood that we like this place and its menu, so… go and enjoy!

 To visit

  • Peniscola: along the Mediterranean coast, there is a paradise with a castle by the sea. This small town, very close to Valencia and reachable by bus or train, is gorgeous and worth a visit. We have mentioned a castle: the Knights Templar built it at the end of the XIII century and it has been the home of a pope. This building is not the only attraction of Peniscola. The sea and the beautiful beaches are perfect to relax and enjoy a sunny afternoon.


Do you like our plans? You will love our favourites even more! If it is still too cold to go to the seaside, you have your blanket and many entertaining activities that you can enjoy in your shared flat. This is the strength of living with other people in a nice cosy flat. You can gather and watch TV series; you can read a good book and then talk about it with your friends. Actually, our aim is to help you get the most out of your stay and your experience. Are we doing it well?

We wish you an exciting and unforgettable March!

Yours helpValencia team