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Sweet Spanish Carnival

Sweet Spanish Carnival

Sweet Spanish Carnival. Music to our ears ahahah. This is what we like of February: sweet treats are everywhere. By the way, you have certainly guessed the topic of this week.  And we are sorry for the ones who are back to the perfect body shape after Christmas… you have to extend your gym membership. Luckily, we have it till next December. This means that we can taste all the sweets we want to!

We will never get tired saying that treats taste better if you share them with someone. helpValencia knows it and has the perfect suggestion for all those people who are still looking for an accommodation. Shared flats. This is our magic word! By sharing your flat, you will not share only Carnival treats, but also an unforgettable experience. Let’s not talk about the economic benefits. Enough reasons to rent a shared flat, right? If you are not convinced, feel free to check the blog post we have written about the flat hunting. Furthermore, do not miss our “neighbourhood” column. You can collect information on some of the most central and well-connected districts of Valencia. These posts will help you planning your stay in this beautiful Spanish city and, together with all the other ones, will make you get the most out of your stay.

Let’s cut the chatter and let’s go back to our sweet treats! Carnival is coming soon, therefore, we need to know what to eat with a warm cup of tea



First of the list, not because we have tasted them, but because one of our architects is in love with them (consider him as responsible for the negative experience! We are kidding, of course). These traditional and ancient sweet dates back to Roman times and it was originally prepared for the labouring moms due to its high calories content. Despite the simplicity and the poor ingredients, they are very very very good!

Leche Frita

Second in our list, first in our hearths! It reminds us our childhood (even though we are not Spanish) and it is extremely sweet. It is fried milk: simple, traditional and tasty. No more words needed… Just taste it and let us know if you like it as much as we do.

Bunuelos de viento

These are literally fritters “light-as-Air”… this seems like a contradiction considering that they are fried, filled with cream, marmalades or custard and dusted with powdered sugar! Even though they are not light-as-Air, they are so tasty that we cannot avoid eating them during Carnival.


Fried pastry dough of 15 cm with anise and walnuts. Tasty? Of course. Sweet? What a question! Should you taste them? Definitely. Being this treat from the Asturias, it may be complicated to find them here in Madrid. This is not a big problem as you can look for a receipt and make them on your own! They are unbelievably tasty…

Sopas de miel

Bread, water, sugar, lemon peel, cinnamon, anise, almonds and honey. These are the ingredients of these amazing pastries. Actually, we have not tasted them yet, but the description, the reviews and the ingredients give us hope that these sopas will be absolutely unforgettable in our palates!


Sweet tooth? This list will be your best friend during the next weeks. Not into sweets? You will change your mind. Do you hate Carnival? Now you know why many people like it. Whether you will celebrate or not, you have to taste these amazing treats and let us know which your favourite is. Fried milk or fried pastry team?

But remember, share these sweet Carnival treats with somebody. Are you still looking for your home away from home?  Shared flats are a great solution for students and young workers (maybe interns) that cannot afford an entire apartment on their own. Moreover, they are good to meet people: if you are all alone in a new city or in a new country, this is the fastest way to make new friends without even going out. helpValencia offers many shared flats in some of the best districts in the city. Check the web and discover our beautiful housing solutions.

Do you remember our New Year’s resolutions?

Less wordy, good point. Easy to say but very hard to do ahahah. This time though it is easier because some tasty Carnival treats are waiting for us in the kitchen… Our tasty column will come soon, we promise. Meanwhile enjoy our posts and enjoy Carnival!