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What you cannot miss in February

What you cannot miss in February

What cannot you miss in February? Valencia offers you many plans and helpValencia offers you interesting tips… Talking about tips, since January, we have begun the new section “favourites”. Have you enjoyed the last one? Do you have any suggestion? This month we are quite in love with our choices and we cannot wait to reveal them to you.

But first, should we make a suggestion? This 2019 has just begun and you may still think of the way to make the most out of this year. An adventure abroad may be the right choice and helpValencia is here to support you and give you advice. As many of you already know, we offer shared flats and many services connected to this kind of business. But that’s not all! Every week, we regularly post new texts on our blog. Our topics are all related to the life abroad of a student or a young worker: tips to get settled, description of the city districts, public transports information and much more.

Carnival and Saint Valentine… February is going to be a special month, isn’t it? helpValencia has decided to celebrate love in all its forms. Love for all those people who need our help because they live in less fortunate circumstances. The love for diversity and the love for equality. The love for travelling and new adventures, as well as love for ourselves.  Do not worry. We will celebrate the romantic love, too!

The favourites of this month are actually love stories and as already mentioned, we cannot wait to reveal them to you… First, though, some interesting events to enjoy our beloved Valencia.


Events and more


15 February_Sidecars: they are finally back in Valencia and we cannot miss their concert! If you have never heard anything of them, this may be your chance to discover them and their music. Where? Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia. When? 15.01.2019, h 21.00. Buy your entrance…

17 February_Flea Market: this weekend will be extremely interesting if you live in Valencia and if you are into flea markets. Do not miss the chance to discover (and buy) treasures from the old days.

Till the end of February_Carlos Franco Exhibition: last chance to visit the exhibition of this amazing artist of Madrid. The art gallery Ana Serratosa always offers interesting exhibitions and we kindly suggest you to go and have a look.


 February Favourites


To read

  • The city of Joy by Dominique Lapierre: this is a great novel and an amazing love story (not without reasons, it is a best seller). Not a conventional one. This is the love story of a French priest and an American doctor for all those people who, despite their miserable conditions, give love and keep smiling. (EN)
  • Uno siempre cambia el amor de su vida por otro amor o por otra vida by Amalia Andrade: this Colombian writer will entertain you whether you have a broken heart or not. What do we like the most? The editing! By the way, this book will turn into an entertaining experience… Let us know! (ES)

To watch

  • Bohemian Rhapsody: this film is literally a love story. Love for music, love for your friends, love for life… You may have already watched it, nonetheless we couldn’t avoid to mention it among our favourites.
  • The Handmaid’s tale: what are we suggesting you? A dystopian TV series that will trap you. Literally, you will not be able to close your computer anymore ahahah. One episode leads to a dozen. Why have we chosen it for our February favourites? Because it depicts love for freedom, love for being able to say and do what we want to…

To eat

  • Bocadella Tapas: taste the authentic Spanish tradition! This restaurant offers tasty tapas and the prices are quite low. Maybe it is not exactly a romantic place, but food lovers will enjoy it for sure.

 To visit

  • Xàtiva: travel lovers, this city is a real jewel with its castle and its views, the black cave and the gardens. We recommend you to visit this small town and its beauties before summer, March/April may be good choices. How to reach this tiny little town? By train or, if you have a car licence, by car.


These are the love stories that we have decided to suggest you on February. We have enjoyed each of them and we can assure you will, too. Especially the books! Imagine coming back to your shared flat after a long long day. There is nothing better than a page turning novel and a warm cup of tea…

This time helpValencia team will leave you with this relaxed atmosphere, maybe Chat Baker for background noise. Enjoy it and see you soon!

P.S. Stay tuned and do not miss our next blog post.