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What you cannot miss in October!

What you cannot miss in October!

What can't you miss this month? Let’s have a look at some of the best activities that you can do this month in Valencia.

The season of pumpkins, cups of tea and cosy blankets is finally coming and, well, we are soooo excited! We guess, you got it, but we really want to point out that we love the autumn. First, because we have many new international friends: September and October are months of arrivals! The second reason why we love autumn are the colours and the scents.

A cup of tea and a warm cinnamon roll are our secret dream; a fluffy blanket and the last episode of our favourite TV series are part of our daily routine. Forget about this laziness for a little… There are so many things to do! With the first windy and rainy days, museums, cinemas and theatres replace the seaside, the rooftops and the picnics. We will miss summer, but we have many plans for you!

Are you ready?




6-14 October You don’t need to visit Munich in order to experience the great and friendly atmosphere of the Oktoberfest. Valencia and its “Marina del Puerto” will host in the High Cube one week of this traditional German celebration: beer, German food and many other products.

Greek food

This month our plans are international! From Germany to Greece, our “gastrotrip” goes on. If you appreciate pitas, moussaka and the tzatziki, have a look at these top 3 of the best Greek restaurants in Valencia. Opa!



Free Guided Tours

Every Sunday Are you ready to discover the history of Valencia. Even though you have probably read a lot about this city, you may discover something new. Every Sunday at 12.00 or at 14.00, you will have the chance to do a free tour of this enchanting city. It is never too late to learn something new! Have a look at the official website and find your perfect tour.

Museo de bellas artes de Valencia

A new exhibition is waiting for you and if you like sculptures, we kindly suggest you to go and enjoy the marvellous works of Adsuara, Vicent and Peresejo. They are not popular as many other Spanish artists, but the museum has decided to dedicate an exhibition to their sculptures. Are you ready to discover these three talents?


9th October Acts Valencia

Every year, this celebration remember the citizens of Valencia the day of their autonomy. In 1238, King James I freed the city from the Moorish rule. Beside the historic importance of the event, there is a sweet side too. Every year, 70000 kg of marzipan are produced in order to let the male citizens to give it as gift to wives, girlfriends and mothers. If you want to get the most of your stay in Valencia, you cannot miss this important event.

Dino Expo XXL

Until 14 October This is not exactly an event, but being the largest dinosaur exhibition in Europe and being in Valencia only for other two weeks, we have listed it as an event. You will never be too adult to meet some of “the oldest creatures in history”!

Of course, an evening with your flatmates or in your beautiful room is better than having to face a storm. However, if the shared flat is located in a good area, you will not have to be exposed to the weather! Too tragic, isn’t it? Ahahah. All this to suggest you to look for your new home away from home in a good location. helpValencia is here not just to make great plans for you, but we collect information about the city, the services and the neighbourhoods, too. Let us help you!

No more words are required. Let’s the fall begin!