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What you cannot miss in August!

What you cannot miss in August!

Valencia has the sea… we know you don’t need great plans in order to spend unforgettable afternoons with your flatmates or with your friends. But do you have time to check if there are interesting events? Fortunately, we are here to help you manage your free time!

If you’ve looked for a room in the city centre, it will be easy for you to find some interesting events, bars, karaokes or other activities to spend some pleasant hours with your friends. But if you’ve spent the entire day on the beach? Locking yourself in your shared flat is not a solution!

helpValencia has great plans for you. We have suggested you some nice events that you cannot absolutely miss this month. We’ve selected tasty things, other more cultural and finally some events that may be very interesting. Are you ready to enjoy the creasiest summer month?




26 July- 15 August A summer open-air market is a great idea to have a dinner with friends and to taste some great tapas. Where? On the beach. Does it cost? No, the entry is free. Is there any good reason not to go with some friends and spend a nice evening? No… What are you waiting for?

Gazpacho or Salmorejo?

Both soups, both tasty and both refreshing. But there are differences between these two Spanish dishes. Which is your favourite one? We could eat Salmorejo every day… when you go back home, you need something tasty!



Summer Cinema

Madrid has several, Barcelona too… Valencia is no exception. From the cinema on the beach to the ones in enchanting locations, you’re spoilt for choice. We’ve found five great cinemas where you can watch movies, sometimes for free. Why on heart should you stay in your room? it’s summer outside!

Calle de Moret

Located in the Carmen neighbourhood, this street is an open-air street art gallery and we definitely like it! As it is quite famous, you may have already visited it, but, just in case someone is new in town, we have decided to mention it. This is definitely a walk you can do during the sunset: it’s not too hot and there’s still light.




26 July- 15 August The already mentioned Solmarket is not just a gastro market. There are more than 30 shows and concerts, all of them close to the seaside… Enjoy the 21 days event and let us know if you like it as much as we do. We know it may sound sad, but this is the best conclusion ever for this amazing summer.

Medusa Sunbeach

10 August-12 August Are you ready to dance? The most anticipated summer festival is coming again this year and we cannot wait to feel the rhythm with David Guetta, Invaders, Deadmau5, Marshmello, Nicky Romero and many other artists. See you there!

As already mentioned, if your room is in a good location, you won’t have any problem to find these and many other activities in Valencia. By the way, we’ve left you all the necessary links to orient yourself. What can we say? Enjoy!

See you soon … This time on September!