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Valencia city tour: summer open-air

Valencia city tour: summer open-air

Summer is coming to town and so does the heat. Valencia is an enchanting city, but it is also true that in Summer it may be difficult to enjoy its beauty due to the beautifully hot weather. Luckily, there is the sea and you can spend hours to the beach.

If you have already experienced the Spanish summer, you prefectly know how important a flat close to the seaside can be. You open the window and a delicious breeze enters your room. You visit the kitchen and you can plan with your flatmates a nice evening on the beach. Are you daydreaming? Well, if you choose to move to Valencia, you already know where you have to look for your room in a shared flat!

Anyway, there is no reason to deny ourselves a tour of the city or an activity with friends. Here you can find some solutions to visit/enjoy the city during the Spanish sweltering summer.

Los viveros de Valencia

Sometimes with this heat, it is better to find a corner in the shade during the hottest times of the day: the “viveros” are for you. They are parks and they are spread around the city. Added value: there are a lot of pretty and colourful flowers that will make your day much better!

Playa, playa y playa

Valencia has a great strength: the seaside and many beautiful beaches. When you visit this city as tourist, they are a “must see”. According to that, I don’t see why you shouldn’t go there and enjoy an amazing afternoon …City sightseen can wait till the evening!

Ciudad de les arts y les ciències

Let’s add something cultural to our short list: this structure offers many different options to spend you afternoon. There are exhibitions, workshops, projections and, for the ones who appreciate it, an aquarium. You definitely cannot say to have visited Valencia without doing a sweep of the City of arts and science.

Escape room

When the heat is unbearable, there is only a solution: stay inside. What about being locked in a room for an hour trying to escape? This new trend is spreading throughout Europe and it could be a great activity for the early afternoon. The only thing you’ll have to use is your brain: solve the riddles and you’ll be free! Well, it's not exactly in the open-air, but it is a good plan for a sunny day.


This is not our favourite activity, but it may be interesting despite everything. The Bioparc recreates the nature of the African continent: the landscape, the animals, the plants will take you to a world far away from Spain. This is the perfect occasion to learn more about an ecosystem and it creatures.

Central Market

The Central Market is one of the many beautiful attractions of the city. We kindly suggest you to go there to have a look and taste some of the delicious tapa they offer you. Detail impossible to forget, the building is extremely beautiful: we are sure you’ll take great pictures.


We know your room may be more attractive that the hot streets. But during summer, you must go out and have fun, and a good plan like ours (modestly) will save you from a terribly boring day of heat. Of course it is easier if you choose your accommodation in strategic locations: you go out and you've already all you may need. For this reason, we suggest you to take into account this detail when you look for your new home.

And we're done with our suggestions. Aren't you excited to start to explore Valencia? Just take your flatmates and get out of your flat... a beautiful city is waiting for you!