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Guess the stereotypes!

Guess the stereotypes!

If we say Spain and Spaniards, what are your first thoughts?

Well, there are some facts that immediately come to our mind: paella, Alvaro Soler, flamenco, sangria, toreros, siesta and fiesta… Some of these things are real, other ones are just false stereotypes.

We have collected for you some of the most common stereotypes and revealed which one are true and which one are just a figment of common imagination. As we don’t want to make your life easier, let’s play a game: we will list all the stereotypes and you have to guess whether they are true or not. At a later stage, we will provide you the answers… no cheating! Ready to play?

  • They eat paella and drink Sangria
  • They are affectionate
  • They are lazy
  • They speak very loudly
  • They are always late
  • They eat and drink a lot
  • They are on a different schedule
  • Spain is always warm and sunny

Have you answered? Well, now it’s our turn and, as promised, here are the solutions.

They eat paella and drink Sangria

It’s true that paella is one of the most known Spanish dishes, but it is not so easy to find a good one everywhere. Furthermore, it is not one of the most eaten food in Spain. Talking about Sangria, it is a summer drink and they rather drink beer or tinto de verano. (FALSE)

They are affectionate

You may have noticed it even though you come from a Mediterranean country, they are always very warm and hearty. They kiss and hug when they first meet a new person. It may be strange initially, but you’ll get used to it. (TRUE)

They are lazy

Maybe because of the siesta or maybe because of their good mood, many people think that Spaniards are lazy. We can assure you that they work hard, very hard, but always with a big smile! (FALSE)

They speak very loudly

Have you ever been in a bar? If the answer is affirmative, you know perfectly how noisy they can be. We can ease up a little on their attitude and say that the cafes, bars, etc. are usually extremely crowded and therefore they have to speak loudly in order to make themselves heard. (TRUE)

They are always late

Without dwelling on it too long, if they have to work and be precise, they are not late. At least not more than people from any other country. (FALSE)

They eat and drink a lot

Food in Spain is very tasty: it would be foolish to not to eat! They drink a lot either, but it’s an innocent way to spend a nice evening with their friends or to refresh themselves during the hot Spanish summer. (TRUE)

They are on a different schedule

Many foreigners who decided to live in Spain have faced this problem, we did it for sure. Spaniards start working later, they eat later, they sleep later: the first days may be crazily hard (like dining twice because you starve before 19.00 but they actually eat at 21.00), but you’ll quickly get used to their schedule. (TRUE)

Spain is always warm and sunny

You would like to! Let’s say that the weather is mild, but winter stays winter. Although it will never be -15, remember to pack scarfs and umbrella: believe us, you’ll need it. On the other hand, we have summer (odi et amo): hot, very hot … (FALSE)

How many have you guessed?

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