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World Cup Calling

World Cup Calling

Unfortunately, we cannot support Spain anymore, but many teams still need us! Whether you like it or not, this month the World cup is a must. The greatest part of this event is the atmosphere. On one hand, everyone stops to be a world citizen and remember its country of origin. On the other hand, we are one: no boundaries, no borders. It doesn’t matter if your country doesn’t compete, there is another one to support!

We really like to enjoy the match with our friends, drinking cañas, tasting tapas, sitting on a beautiful terrace or on a rooftop commenting the fouls or a goal. The places to watch the matches are several: at home with some friends and flatmates, on the beach (if you live by the sea), in a restaurant, on a terrace (here in Spain are quite popular), on a rooftop or in a cafè, etc. You are spoilt for choice, especially if you live in a big city like Valencia, Barcelona or Madrid.

In order to help you on this hard choice, we’ve selected some bars and restaurant in Valencia to follow your favourite team and spend some pleasant hours.

House of Sport

Our first choice will always be the House of Sport and the name of the place justifies it, isn’t it? By the way, it is the perfect combination of sport and food.

Hard Rock Cafè

It may be less traditional, but the atmosphere during the World Cup is great, too. This music themed location is perfect if you want to hang out after the match: dine, drink and dance are keywords there.

Casino Cirsa Valencia

Not just a casino! If gambling is not your cup of tea, this is the occasion to go there just to support your team and taste some delicious fish or the traditional tapas. This one can turn into an interesting experience …

Bar de Manolo el del Bombo

This bar cannot fail when we talk about football: Mr. Manolo is an institution. His bar is full of heirlooms that show his passion for this sport and for his country.

On the Rocks

This is a modern cafè with a terrace and a big screen to support your team. We like the atmosphere there and we think that you should taste some of their delicacies … they look delicious!

Batshuayi throws the ball to the edge of the penalty area. Hazard crosses the ball to the centre. Lukaku strikes into someone. Gooooooooooal! Yes! Yes! Goal! Yeeeeees