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El Rastro de Valencia and its new location!

El Rastro de Valencia and its new location!

Do you like vintage? Do you have “business” sense? A flea market may be the place to spend a sunny Sunday morning: people everywhere, friendly sellers and interesting objects.

El Rastro is an open-air flea market, it is quite popular in Spain: as a matter of fact the most known is the one in Madrid (huge and always crowded), but Valencia has a worthy version, too. Going over the stands with a fine toothcomb, you’ll find amazing vintage decorations: from old phones to wooden furniture, from small padlocks to clothes.

2019 will bring some news: the location will be different. The flea market will move from the parking in Mestalla to the Beterò district. The huge area (12.000 square metres) won’t house just the Rastro, but also a park, a dog park, fitness areas and playgrounds.

We are thrilled to see this new project completed!