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Just call!

Just call!

A lot of bikers and big colourful backpacks. You must have seen them tearing down the road. Yes, I am talking about the delivery boys/girls that every day stop in front of hundreds of restaurants and deliver the orders directly by your front door. They are in every big city and this version of take-away seems to be the new trend!

What do they deliver? Every food you may desire: from Mc Donald to the Indian restaurant, from the traditional pizza to a complete Italian dinner. You have just to choose, at home of course, and wait, always sitting on your sofa. Easy, isn’t it?

But let’s check more in detail some of the enterprises that offer this service in Valencia.


This Danish food delivery company is known all around Europe and offers more than 60 different products. Pizza, kebab, sushi, ramen? Call them and … Just eat!


The ultimate bikers with a kangaroo on their big backpack: Deliveroo is much more!  Healthy food, local specialties, vegan dishes or exotic food. At home or in your office, for a romantic dinner or for a party. Deliveroo won’t let you down.


Yellow and green … those are the colours of their deliverers. They offer several services such as deliveries from pharmacies, grocery shops, different kind of stores and, of course, from your favourite restaurants and fast foods.


Are you hungry now? Just call … enjoy your meal!