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Spring break!

Spring break!

On Thursday and Friday, we have our Semana Santa holidays in Spain –and well, if you’re studying here, you are probably on holidays already!– so it’s time to think about plans! Don’t you have anything planned for the break? Here we have some last minute ideas!

European cities

You can still get some bargains for traveling withing Europe. We recommend you to take a look to this London, Rome and Berlin offers.

Spain getaway 

You can check Avanza website to get cheap bus tickets for this Easter break. They have a 50% off offer! You can go to many cities in Spain and even Portugal. Also, since this year Easter is sooner and it’s not that hot, we can think about the snow! Alsa –another bus company– has also an 30% off offer and here you can check many snow destinations offers! 

If you’re staying in the city…

Well, in this case… don’t worry! Valencia offers you tons of things to do, and now that the spring is finally showing up… let’s enjoy this amazing place! We suggest you:

  • To choose your favorite terrace on a sunny day and take some nice pictures of the city.
  • To find the best ‘mona de Pascua’, the traditional sweet of Semana Santa. Want to know more about it? Check here.
  • Why not? To check the ‘Procesiones’!
  • To enjoy the parks for taking a stroll… or the beach!