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10 cool things you can do with your flatmates

10 cool things you can do with your flatmates

Now that you’ve finally make up your mind and booked your room in a shared apartment, let the fun start! Here we have a list of things you can plan with your flatmates.

We have this list for you! And we will share it in order of apearance, this means from the very beginning: from the moment you don’t know them really good to the best buddies’ moment.

Stalk each other… and then confess it

Now you may know names of your future flatmates, nationalities… let’s look for them on the Internet! Facebook, Instagram… let’s see what they reveal –insert evil laugh here–. This is the top moment in the very beginning that you will end up confessing when your relationship is strong enough.

Trip to IKEA

A must-have bonding moment! Ikea is always tough so let’s create the gang and go conquer the decoration titan! And get a couple of cute plants to make the living area joyful.

Start a TV series together

What could be better than being absolutely hooked on a TV series with your flatmates! Set a day on the week for your TV series and never skip it! This bond will last forever… or at least until the season ends!

Create the “juntos” section in your apartment

The very beginning is a good moment to start sharing, because share is care! Why would you buy salt for yourself, for example, if you all can buy this stuff together? In the end, everyone will save money if you all buy these common items together, because they are a lot! Salt, pepper, oil… and what about cleaning stuff? Products, cleaning tools… let’s do it together! Or “juntos”! And you can also use, for managing this easily, apps for splitting the cost of these things such as ‘SplitWise’.

Let’s do it together!

And talking about doing things together, the best thing to keep a cool atmosphere in the flat and don’t kill the vibe is to create a task schedule from the very beginning, especially if your share a big apartment with many flatmates! If everything is shared and clear from the beginning, you won’t need interventions!

Junk food night

Now you’re getting to the point of doing things you may regret later but you know your flatmates, a.k.a. new friends, won’t judge you. This means… LET’S ORDER TONS OF JUNK FOOD! Pizza, hamburgers, burritos and tacos, all delivered to your apartment! You can always trust these 3 apps: Deliveroo, JustEat and UberEATS.

Discover your surroundings

So you shared and amazing junk food night, it was great! And now you want to go further: let’s eat and drink and discover new places! You have a flat in the citycenter so it’s all in a walking distance, could it be better? Now just decide: would you like better something fancy or something cool? You can always do both! There’s an app which will be your guru on this –and you will save money with it also!–: El Tenedor.

Spotify flat list!

Now you’ve shared many moments with your gang, you basically have your own soundtrack! Your favorite song that was playing on that bar, this stupid song your buddy put when you were doing the dishes, oh! And this song you know by heart and turned out to be your roommate’s favorite!

Feeling like a chef

Now that you know each other, you can have a great international dinner in the apartment! Impress everyone with the most chic dishes of your country couisine. Fancy some crêpes Suzzete? Sacher cake? What about some Karjalanpiirakka? I bet you cannot pronounce it if you’re not from Northern Europe!

Let’s hit the road

You know what you should do… plan a trip together! You have been living together and know sometimes you want to kill each other but it’s all part of being flesh and bone, it’s real friendship, and you want to know more cities and parts of the country! What about a day-trip? A weekend outside the city? The options are plenty!