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Cupid should not be trusted

Cupid should not be trusted

If you’re one of these healthy single souls that think Cupid should not be trusted, you’re right and you know it. Here are our top 5 reasons for spending St. Valentine’s Day on your own and love yourself!

Save money

Obvious reason! Everyone knows that St. Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to spend money, so we rather love the money and not to spend it.

Netflix is all yours

Do you know this classic scene where you’re trying to decide with someone else what to watch and then you end up wasting your time deciding and watching nothing? WELL, this night is for you so click play and… Netflix marathon!

Romantic Whatever-you-want dinner

It could be special anyway! Fancy some carbs? Mcdonald’s burgers? Pizza? It’s your choice! It could even be for 2… but all for you!

Lazyness = Happiness

Did someone says something about dressing up? Have your nails done? Shave your beard? Not needed tonight! You can just rock your pajamas, be as lazy as you want.

No drama

No text? No problem! We all know someone that has felt sad or dissapointed on SV day because of the date that had, or the date that never happened, or the text that never received… you won’t never disappoint yourself and hey, you have a dinner tonight wearing pajamas, could it be better?