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Get around Valencia!

Get around Valencia!

We have the ultimate list of apps you cannot miss for getting around Valencia. Either for controlling the public transportation or for visiting other cities in Spain, this list will make you move as if you were an authentic ‘valenciano’.

Public transportation

If you want to have all the information about the public transportation, from schedules of trains to maps, etc., there are several apps that can help you. EMT Valencia app will show you useful information about buses and metro, schedules, etc. Last but not least! Download the Valenbisi app if you like to use the bikes you will find around the city center.


MyTaxi is a really useful app since you can have a taxi where and when you need it, and it will tell you in real time how long you’ll need to wait until it gets to you. We recommend you also Uber and Cabify for private drivers, really useful since you don’t have to have cash neither card with you for paying! You can even pay with Paypal.

Discovering Spain

This is not just about the city center! There are also some other interesting apps to travel to other spanish cities, such as Blablacar or Amovens! With these apps you can share cars in order to get to new cities and meet also new people on the way there. Also you can have handy some other apps like Renfe (to buy train tickets), Avanzabus or Alsa (to buy bus tickets), or even Skyscanner! Now that you’re here, what about travelling through Europe?


Last but not least, we recommend Citymapper app, it will help you a lot! It’s like all in one, it will show you the best option to get around in the city center at any time. It’s super easy to use and it gives you all details about any public transportation, from metro and bus, even bikes!