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Our top affordable decoration stores (that are not IKEA!)

Our top affordable decoration stores (that are not IKEA!)

So it’s a fact you’re moving to Valencia: now you have this new beginning, this new story to start… and this new room to decorate! This is the ultimate list of our top low cost decoration stores that are not IKEA! I mean, we will always rely on Ikea, but here is where we go when we want to give our flat a cool and unique touch keeping it affordable.


It has to be on the list! You can get everything for your room, from low price and good quality pillows and duvets to candles and cool photo frames. You need to keep in mind it’s not located right in the city center so you will take a bus, but you can save so much money if you decorate your room with Primark stuff… that you might even enjoy the ride!


In here, you will find a lot of different things, from clothing to books, and cool decorating stuff like cork maps or scratching maps for decorating your blank walls. You will find several stores, but not all of them have the same things so take a look and choose your favorite! Also, the online store is good but not as good as the real stores so it deserves a stroll.

Flying Tiger

The store from Copenhaguen is a must for decorating your room! It has plenty of cheap stuff for organizing the room, cool kitchen stuff like glasses and plates, nice bathroom organizers, etc. In the city center you can find several Flying Tiger stores, find the one you like the most!

H&M home

They have cool decoration stuff and nice bedding! It won’t be the cheapest store probably, but you can find great deals sometimes! Check the app and the web to stay up to date about promotions and sales, and in this case is better to buy online, not all the stores have a home section.


It’s definitely not as cheap as the previous places, but you will find really creative and unique things, for decorating and also some of them are pretty useful! Prices start low, around 2-3€, but you can find things over 100€ also. To keep it cheap will totally depend on you!

Muy mucho

This store is absolutely lovely, I couldn’t forget about it! You will find decorating stuff, things for the kitchen, candles, etc., with a relaxed and boho style. It has good quality and prices, maybe it's a little more expensive than the others but it's super cool.

The tip!

Last but not least, there are some reliable second hand apps where you can buy affordable decoration ítems and pieces of furniture. We recommend you Wallapop, it’s an app where you can buy and sell second hand things (almost everything! From clothes to cars, sport equipment or furniture).