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The Three Kings Parade

The Three Kings Parade

In Spain, Christmas joy is not over yet: we still have our ‘día de Reyes Magos’. The Three Wise Men or Three Kings will come on the 6th of January to bring gifts to kids (and well, we expect something for us also even though we’re not kids anymore!). 

On the 6th of January, families reunite to open gifts and eat our traditional ‘roscón de reyes’. But on Three Kings’ Eve, there’s also another tradition: the parade.

This year, the parade is inspired by the food since, from 2017, this city holds the title of 'Food Capital of the World'.

In Valencia, this will be the parade itinerary on the 5th of January:

Escalera Real de la Marina - 5:00 pm. In here, we will see the arrival of the 'Reyes Magos'.

Paseo de la Alameda - here is where the parade will start at 6:00 pm.

Puente de las Flores.

Navarro Reverter.

Puerta del Mar.

Calle de la Paz.

Calle San Vicente.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento - 7:00 pm aprox. Here is where it ends, and right after there'll be a celebration with fireworks and music.


If you prefer to wait for the end of the parade at Plaza del Ayuntamiento, there'll be concerts in the main stage from the beginning, and there'll be also 2 big screens to see the full parade while waiting for them to arrive.

Enjoy this magical weekend!